1. Verification of weighing & measuring instruments.
  2. Inspection of weighing and measuring instruments.
  3. Inspection of pre-packed goods
  4. Investigations of complaints related to unfair trade practices
  5. Prosecution of offence arising from unfair trade practices
  6. Development of markets & promotion
  7. Trade Licensing: Liquour licensing, Betting & Control services.
  8. Trade development policies
  9. Development of the Industrialization policy
  10. County private sector development strategy
  11. Quality control including Industrial standards.
  12. Leather development
  13. Establishment of Industrial parks & management.
  14. Small and medium enterprise training
  15. Development of Micro & small business enterprise.
  16. Development of County Tourism policy
  17. Management & promotion of County tourism
  18. Promotion of co-operative societies
  19. Processing of application for registration of Co-operatives
  20. Inspections & investigation Co-operatives
  21. Training needs assessment for co-operative market
  22. Market information dissemination and advisory services
  23. Banking inspections local savings and credit cooperative societies.
  24. Risk assessment in savings and credit cooperative societies
  25. Investment advisory services
  26.  Co-ordination and monitoring of co-operative indemnity by co-operative leaders
  27. Promotion of co-operative ventures and innovations for local cooperatives.
  28. Carrying out certification audits
  29. Carrying out continuous and compliance audits
  30. Co-operative advisory services
  31. Pre-cooperative education
  32. Settlement of disputes(arbitration).
  33. Registration of co-operative society audited accounts.

Perform any other function assigned by H.E. the Governor/County Executive


To be a leading agent for a globally competitive enterprise development in trade, tourism and cooperatives


To promote a vibrant and innovative business environment through enabling policy and legal framework for sustainable social economic development



In order to realize the trade sector vision and mission, the subsector will promote fair trade practices,investments and private sector development by championing an enabling environment for domestic and export business to thrive.

The cooperative will train cooperative societies on management so as to effectively deliver the required services.Further cooperatives will be encouraged to mobilize group savings in order to deepen provision of credit, affordable housing facilities and bulking of their produce in order to enjoy economies of scale and enhance their bargaining power hence stimulate investment.

The Tourism Subsector will make the county the destination of choice and a regional leader in sustainable tourism through local citizen participation.


  1. Exceeding citizens expectations by service delivery.
  2. Transparency that achieves justice and equality.
  3. Partnership with private sector.
  4. Speading knowledge.
  5. Cooperation and coordination with various governmental sides.
  6. Continuous improvement.
  7. High levels of professionalism, ability and fairness.


3. Tourism
4. Cooperatives

Major Projects


The department, in the execution of its devolved functions, was able to accomplish the following in the quarter:-

    1. The expected funds were collected from regular loanees and defaulters during the quarter.
    2. The office trained 48 traders of small business management. Topics covered included how to start, develop and manage a business, how to keep business records, preparing business plans and managing cash, stock and credit among others.
    3. The office assisted in the formation of 4 produce groups. At the same time the department facilitated 5 producer groups in the county in terms of counselling and how in the preparation of a business plan.
    4. The office has mapped the entire county in readiness for the profiling of business investment opportunities.
    5. We linked 4 producer groups to local markets and 1 to an external market.
    6. The department conducted several traders interactive forums where those present were enlightened on the role and funtions of the Ministry of Trade, Industrialization, Tourism and Wildlife Management were spelled out. Information on the trade loan fund in terms of who qualifies for the loan, the interest rates and repayment period was given.
    7. The department was able to counselled 242 traders at their business premises through business clinics. A reasonable number also came to the office for the service.
    8. The Department participated in the organization and conducting of two workshops in Nakuru town that were conducte by Export promotion Council and Trade Mark East Africa on export promotion and formulation of the National Trade Bill respectively.
    9. The office provided business information to the business community on various areas of concern.

Members of the department staff went through trainings on Budget Making Process, Management of Drug and Substance Abuse and Public Procurement regulations and Disposal Legislation.

  • The Finance Bill that regulates the fees paid by the business community approved by the County Assembly and was later accented by the Governor before it was gazette.
  • All County Leaders stakeholders meeting was held in the quarter following petitions that were received by the Governors office concerning the various rates imposed by the County Finance Act. In the meeting, it was agreed that the identified contentious rates will be reviewed in due course to ensure a conducive business environment.
  • The County Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill has been drafted and has been forwarded to the County Assembly.
  • A high powered meeting was held with investors from Israel where it was agreed that those investors will be accorded the necessary support once they identify areas where they are going to invest in the county.


Industrialization has not fully devolved therefore as a county we are now mapping out strategy of how to absorb the full resources once it is done.

  1. A land parcel has been identified for the industrial park. Important factors are being taken into consideration such as road accessibility, power line, railway lines and distance from other infrastructure. Part of the countys efforts to promote industrial development, this project is the first industrial zone intended for heavy industries in the county, as it will host companies working in energy, metallurgy, chemistry and para-chemistry. It includes world class infrastructure to attract national and international investments, modern marketing and management structures, and vocational training to meet the investors needs. Mustering various industrial, administrative and tourism facilities, the industrial park is also meant to strengthen the dynamism, attractiveness and competitiveness of Nakuru County as a region.
  2. In the meantime we have also identified an area already set up that traders can use for small scale industries like sausage factory, plastics, food value addition and so on. This is a new concept at its early stage waiting to be embraced.
  3. Mapping of current industries is being carried out to identify how many factories exist and in running condition not forgetting those ones that have collapsed. This will help identify the opportunities we have in the county and will be very easy for investors to come in since we know what we have, where we need help and what kind of investors we are looking for.


Nakuru County boasts of amazing scenery, parks, campsites, archaeological sites and excellent Hotels and Lodges. Tourism is a mainstay and backbone to the Kenyan economy and the number of tourists visiting the country is on the increase.

  1. Mapping out  of Tourism resources is underway. We shall be able to identify all our tourist destinations, some that haven’t been tapped and this will also help us improve on different areas in the Tourism sector. Again both local and international investors will be able to identify areas of interest. Mapping will create an opportunity to provide Tour Circuits aimed at propelling the County into Tourism and Revenue Growth.
  2. A website will then be created after mapping is done to capture all resources identified.
  3. Some of the places Park, Hyrax Hill, Njoro Caves, Lord Egerton Castle, paragliding on Bahati Escarpment, a high alttitude athletics training camp in Molo area and Elburgon home of baseball, Mount Longonot, Lake Naivasha, Lake Elementaita, Subukia shrines and much more.
  4. Information centers are also going to be set up in different parts of the county to enhance to tourism information but more importantly that the website will be up and running.