1. Environment policy management
  2. Forestry development policy management
  3. Wildlife conservation policy management
  4. Water resources and sewerage service policy management
  5. Waste water treatment and disposal
  6. Solid waste management
  7. Enforcement of waste management policies, standards and regulations
  8. Public nuisance, air and noise pollution control.
  9. Water catchment and conservation, control & protection
  10. Soil conservation
  11. County Parks, Beaches and recreation facilities
  12. Energy Regulation security and conservation.
  13. Identification of renewable energy sites for development as per legal notice No.157
  14. Electricity and gas reticulation and energy regulation
  15. Borehole site identification and drilling.
  16. Perform any other functions assigned by his Excellency the Governor/County Executive
  1. Introduction

The Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, Energy and Water briefly initialized as ENREW is headed by Chief Executive Committee Member (C.E.C); Hon. Richard Kipsang Rop.

He is the overall adviser to the management of the county government of Nakuru on the Environmental, Natural Resources, Energy and Water issues in the county. Specifically, the CEC implement the county legislation, national legislation within the county, and manages and coordinate the functions of the ministry of Environmental, Natural Resources, Energy and Water

The chief officer in ENREW is Dr. Maara T. Nelson who deals with planning, coordination, and management in the ministry.

The ministry has two technical departments namely:

Kiogora Muriithi

(i)Department of Environment, Natural Resources and Energy headed by a Director Mr. Timothy Kiogora Muriithi

Johnson Kamau WATER

(ii)Department of water and sanitation headed by a Director Mr. Johnson Kamau Njuguna.

  1. Vision and Mission

Vision:-To Ensure Sustainable Environmental and Natural Resources Management within the Nakuru County

Mission:-To Protect, Conserve and Promote  Environmental and Natural Resources Management for Sustainable National Development in the County.

  1. Customer service charter

To provide efficient and effective service delivery in environment and natural resources management

  1. Core values
  • Integrity
  • Customer focus
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Conservation
  • Sustainability


  1. List of departments and brief write-up per department


The main functions of this department include;

  1. Planning ,Survey and mapping, conservation, development  and management of water resources in Nakuru County
  2. Operation and maintenance of all water resources
  3. Development and Interpretation of Water and Sanitation Policies
  4. Providing Guidance and Technical Advice on research, development and technologies in Water Management
  5. Quality Control and Monitoring of water
  6. Water Pollution Control and Monitoring
  7. Ground Water Management
  8. Survey, Design and Construction of water and sewerage systems
  9. Water and Sanitation services
  10. Revenue Generation
  11. Water and Soil Conservation


The department has two technical sections namely, environmental planning and management section and natural resources management section. Details of each section and subsections are herein below enumerated.


  1. Providing Guidance and Technical Advice on research, development and technologies in Environmental Management
  2. Environmental Planning and Management(EPM)
  3. Aesthetics of Urban areas – Beautification and Landscaping
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental  Audit (EIA & EA)
  5. Pollution Control and Monitoring – Noise and excessive vibration, effluent discharge and air
  6. Ensuring Environmental compliances
  7. Solid waste management
  8. Public toilets management
  9. Mitigation and adaptation of climate change


There are four subsections in the natural resources management section; namely forests resources management, wildlife resources management, mineral resources management, energy and gas management.


  1. Management of forest and forests resources woodlands, trees and other vegetations
  2. Forest Extension (Afforestation and reafforestation )
  3. Regulate and Coordinate development of forest and eco system management plans
  4. Approve forest and ecosystem management plans


  1. Management of wildlife resources-fauna and flora
  2. Gazzettement  and regulation of Wildlife Conservancies
  3. Regulate and Coordinate development of wildlife and eco system management plans
  4. Approve wildlife and ecosystem management plans


  1. Regulation of extraction of natural resources
  2. Ensure compliance to the environmental management plan for mines rehabilitation
  3. Regulate and Coordinate development of natural resources  and eco system management plans
  4. Regulate tariffs and royalties in the extraction and sale of minerals


  1.  Develop and encourage use of renewable energy resources
  2. Develop and implement rural electrification work plans
  3. County gas reticulation
  4. Facilitate electricity supply in low and middle income rural areas and public facilities e.g schools, hospitals etc

Major projects being undertaken

The following projects are ongoing and at various stages.

1. Wells maintenance in public institutions
2. Rehabilitation of wells in njoro
3. Water supply to Mauche centre and Taita secondary school
4. Rehabilitation of Temoyeta Dam
5. Sero water project: (pipe work to proposed Gatundu)
6. Construction of 50m3 masonry storage tank (for sero water project)
7. Water pumping equipments: (supply, install, test and commission sub-mersible pump- grundfossp 17-27, 15kw)
8. Construction of 2.5 x 2.5 water kiosk
9. Kitur water project (pipe laying and water kiosk construction)
10. Ndimu basin water dam –cut spillway $ construct of culvert
11. KabaziRumathi community water project
12. Kiambaa, Kandenye, Ngenia and Sirikwa wells rehabilitation
13. Water pipeline and storage tank for maimahiu dispensary
14. Sunguka water project
15. Eburukamathatha water project
16. Purchase of land for sanitary landfill
17. Fencing of Gioto dumpsite
18. Fencing of solid waste transfer station
19. County Tree planting programme
20. Construction of landfill
21. Ndeffo Community         –     Borehole
22. Muchorwe-     Borehole
23. Nyangui-     Water piping
24. Kiamunyeki         –      Tank
25. Kiambogo             –     Water piping
26. Mwicingiri           –       Borehole
27. Shalom Camp       –     Borehole
28. Green Garden       –      Borehole
29. Ndungiri/Kirima    –     Borehole
30. Distillation of dams  –     Dam
31. Kamara                    –       Borehole
32. Kigogo Dam           –      Dam
33. Temoyotta              -Completion of Temoyotta water project

Contract address, telephone, email

i)Chief Executive Committee Member – ENREW – HON. RICHARD KIPSANG ROP
Telephone: 0722-485-527

ii)Chief Officer – ENREW –     DR. MAARA T. NELSON
Telephone: 0722428683

iii)County Director of Environment, Natural Resources and Energy- TIMOTHY KIOGORA MURITHI
Telephone: 0721117441

iv)County Director of Water- JOHNSTONE KAMAU NJUGUNA
Telephone: 0722578685

Frequently asked questions in the ministry

  1. How do we regain back the lost glory of Nakuru as the cleanest town?
  2. How do you ensure that there is clean and affordable waster in Nakuru?