1. Pre-primary education
      2. Home Craft
      3. Child care facilities
      4. Village polytechnic
      5. Cultural services
      6. Control of Drugs and Pornography
      7. Public entertainment
      8. Public awareness
      9. Libraries excluding Kenya National Library services
      10. Management promotion of youth affairs
      11. Development and co-ordination of County sports.
      12. Promotion and development of County sports facilities
      13. County Culture promotion policy
      14. Management of County museums and monuments.
      15. Any other duty assigned by H.E. the Governor

Crucial sectors

    1. Performing arts e.g music as an art and music as entertainmentMusic as an art creates employment
    2. Music
    3. Dance– as leisure and as an industry –dance promotes our culture & heritage
    4. Drama – Film industry
    5. Visual arts-sculptures,paintings, constructon and reservation of monuments, handicrafts,curios,surveniors,calligraphy,graphicsThis is an industry with potential of self-employment
    6. Languages and Kenyan traditions– carry out research on tangile & intangible Kenyan heritage that gives meaning to our societies, we get tangible information from language experts,indigenous knowledge -wazees (known as community libraries)
    7. Environment and indigenous health– deals with herbalists i.e train them and organize workshops for capacity building.
    8. Botanical gardens –Preservation of indigenous plants