1. Language Policy Management
  2. Information Communication
  3. Public Communication
  4. Promotion of E-government
  5. ICT Training and Standards
  6. Provision of the Public Relations Services
  7. Provision of ICT consulting services to other County departments
  8. Provision of advisory services on acquisition of ICT and telecommunication services and equipment to County Ministries and departments
  9. Telecommunication services
  10. Dissemination of public information.
  11. Any other duty assigned by H.E. the Governor/County Executive

This ministry is still new country wide.

1. What drives you?
The passion to serve the public – offer customer service

2. Plans for the county
Offer free wi-fi to Nakuru county, it’s underway.

Vision: To computerize our village polytechnics

Functions of the ministry:

  • The ministry is there to support all the other ministries in terms of innovations & computerizations.
  • Improve service delivery- the citizens can get government services through the website.
  • Language policy management
  • Public communication
  • Promotion of  E-government
  • ICT training and standards
  • Provision of the public relations services
  • Provision of ICT consulting services to other county departments
  • Provision of advisory services on acquisition of ICT and Telecommunication  services and equipment to county Ministries and departments
  • Telecommunication services
  • Dissemination of public information


  1. Installed a revenue collection system in all sub-counties called LAIFOMS.
  2. The providence of free wi-fi.
  3.  Plans are underway to do LAN in the whole headquarters building and later in the sub counties.
  4. We plan to install IP phones (works like extensions).