1. Crop husbandry and all related services
  2. Animal husbandry and all related services
  3. Livestock sale yards
  4. County abattoirs
  5. Plant and animal disease control all related services.
  6. Fisheries and related services
  7. Agriculture policy and services
  8. Veterinary services
  9. Fisheries policy
  10. Livestock policy management
  11. Development & control of livestock
  12. Any other duty assigned by H.E. the Governor/County Executive

 Plans for the county:

  1. To improve agriculture, livestock and fisheries
  2. Prime objective is to get   food on the table for our people so we don’t have to ask for food AID
  3. Improve agriculture so that it also brings income to our farmers and create employment to all
  4. Demystify farming so the young can participate i.e. not look at it as something only the older generation do.

Target: Make farming a business enterprise by encouraging young people to do value addition in Agriculture, veterinary and fisheries

Objective: encourage investors, both local and international to invest in this sector, to invest in the input of the farm fertilizers, machinery, equipment to use in processing what we produce.

Ministry of agriculture has 4 sub-sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Livestock production
  • Veterinary services
  • Fisheries


  1. Rehabilitate pyrethrum-putting around 18 million in the nurseries in collaboration with Kenya Pyrethrum Board
  2. Support co-operatives and farmers so they can add value to the ministry
  3. Encouraging people to have fish ponds besides the one in Naivasha
  4. Looking for investors who can process fish from Naivasha
  5. Looking for investors who can process end product of beef by constructing a class A company which can export the beef, beef sausages, hides & skins, animal feeds, create industries for dairy meal/food stuff for our own animals.
  6. Civic Education on irrigation e.t.c
  7. Looking forward to the day when we can an airport in Nakuru so that we can be able to export our produce, this will lead to mass production and more jobs and more revenue for our farmers.


  1. Fertilizers – How can we access fertilizers since it is not well distributed in the whole country, sometimes farmers have to travel long distances for 25Kgs of fertilizer so the subsidized fertilizers end up being expensive.
  2. Information – The farmers have the land and produce but they lack information on how to optimize their produce and this discourages them from their full potential.