Radiography is the creation of images of tissues, organs, bones, and blood vessel s of the human body by use of x-rays. However the Radiology department handles all other forms of imaging modalities such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance (MRI), computed Tomography (CT), Nuclear medicine and Radiation therapy (Radiotherapy)

Radiography was started in 1895 with the discovery of x-rays. It has since then progressed to radiology and now medical imaging which incorporates all other imaging technologies.

There are (7) seven functional departments in Nakuru county namely:  Provincial General Hospital, Naivasha District hospital,  Molo District Hospital,  Gilgil Sub. District Hospital,  Olenguruone Sub. District Hospital,  Annex Hospital,  Kabarak Health Centre

Some of these departments provide x-ray services only, while others  give  specialised services also .eg ultrasound.

There are 22 Officers providing radiography and sonography services in the county.

Radiography of the knee in modern x-ray machine


Computed tomography (CT  SCAN) ,Mammography and Screening  (e.g. Barium meal ) Equipments have already been installed at the County  Hospital and therefore  very soon specialized  services will be available. This will contribute to the improvement of diagnostic services in Nakuru County.

Plans are under way to have an MRI Equipment available in County Hospital.

Due to increase of cancer cases that are being diagnosed in the county ,radiotherapy equipment  is necessary.

To have a digital image processing which is connected to the picture archiving and communication system. This is a medical imaging technology which provides economic  storage and convinient access to images from the main x-ray department .The images are transmitted digitally to respective place of reference , eg  out patient, wards and specialized clinics.

CT Scanning