Nakuru Outreach Program, a True Definition Of Devolution – Governor Mbugua.

NAKURU 27th February 2016 – H.E. the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has praised the immense impact the County Government of Nakuru Outreach Program is achieving in bringing out the needs of the people and the high demand of all county government services.

Speaking after the third leg of the two-day program last Friday at the Molo Stadium in Molo Sub County, Governor Mbugua termed the results and feedback from the residents as overwhelming.

‘This is now the true definition of devolution where the public have a chance to interact with their leaders one on one and their issues are addressed. We have been able to sort some issues, which would never have reached us at the headquarters.
The Molo people are also very happy with this program which will roll out to all sub counties,’ said Mbugua.

The Outreach Program, which will visit all the 11 sub counties in Nakuru until April Where hundreds of Molo residents from the four wards namely Sachangwan, Marioshoni, Elburgon and Molo town got a chance to interact with the county’s top leadership and other county government officers where most of their issues were addressed.








Governor Kinuthia Mbugua who led all the various departments of the county government reiterated that the outreach program was keen on ensuring that all key services are taken closer to people.

The governor also took the opportunity during the outreach program to flag off three state of the art graders to be used in upgrading county roads in Molo and other sub counties.

During the two day program Governor Mbugua commissioned 20 candy shops, which are being constructed in Molo town by the National Youth Enterprise Fund in partnership with the County Government.








The shops, Mbugua said, will be distributed fairly and without any payment to the youth for businesses purposes.

During the final day of the program, Governor Mbugua accompanied by Family Bank chairman Dr. Wilfred Kiboro, Family Bank Founder Titus Muya, Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto, County secretary Joseph Motari and other county officers officially re-launched the Family Bank Molo branch.

He welcomed the financial institution to Molo, which he said required such institutions because of the growing number of businesses and entrepreneurship opportunities.






During the luncheon hosted by the bank Mbugua called on all Molo residents to register as voters.

‘I have seen more than 3000 uncollected IDs at the registrar’s office and this is not good. How are you going to register as a voter if you do not have an ID?’ posed Mbugua.





On his part Family Bank Chairman Dr. Wilfred Kiboro lauded Nakuru County for initiating the County Outreach Program.

He said the program was one of the best ways to listen and know the demands and needs of the people adding that other counties should follow suit.

The County Outreach Program will be moving to Njoro Sub County on 3rd and 4th March.

The program will also resume the same rounds to all sub counties in September to review and know what issues have been addressed.


Governor Mbugua Concludes “Gavana Mtaani Outreach Program” 2nd Stop, Molo Next.

Nakuru, Kenya 18th February, 2016 – H.E. the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has asked the people of Nakuru from all the 55 wards in the county to actively take part in the public participation process of budget making for the financial year 2016/2017 scheduled fo March 2016.

Speaking during the two-day Outreach Program in Kuresoi North Governor Mbugua said it is important for the people to involve themselves in the process so that issues of concern to them can be captured and effectively addressed.

‘Within the three years of devolution we have made substantial gains in our county and we urge the people to take part and own the budget making process so that we can address the remaining and pressing concerns of our people’, said Governor Kinuthia Mbugua.

He added through this Outreach Program which is a people-centric governance, his county government is learning a lot and some things would have not known if it were not for this outreach.





During the Outreach Program in Kuresoi North, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua unveiled a new ambulance for Kuresoi Health Centre that will serve the whole of the sub-county. A fleet management system of the county ambulances will be put up through a maternity grant.

The Chief Officer for Health Dr. Samuel Mwaura said staffing and drug supply of health facility in Kuresoi North Sub-County and all the others is underway.

The County Government of Nakuru this month released a consignment of drugs and other medical worth Ksh 71 million and this is expected to last for the next three months.

The Health Chief Officer also said through the current recruitment new health facilities will be staffed and the understaffed amenities will be sufficiently staffed.


Molo South maternity wing, Sasimuwa and Mung’etho dispensaries have been constructed in Nyota Ward. Additionally, to Sirikwa-Nyakinywa that will be opened soon as well as a comprehensive care centre in Kuresoi Health centre that will be also commissioned soon.

In Kiptororo Ward, the tenders for the construction of two health facilities that had stalled have been re-tendered. One facility is complete and the other is in progress, Dr. Mwaura said.





Agriculture still remains the mainstay of the economy of Nakuru and the County Government is supporting agricultural growth through infrastructure development on roads and markets to enhance connectivity and improve market access.

Kiambiriria-Chepsin road will be graded by the County Government of Nakuru before the onset of April rains. For a longterm solution, this road has been earmarked for tarmacking by the national government through the annuity program at a cost of Ksh 8 million.

County Council Sitoitu road will be rehabilitated through the upcoming Itare dam construction in Ndoinet. In the meantime, county government will grade Molo-Kibunja road as the Chinese prepare to rehabilitate this road all the way to Olenguruone as they have been awarded the tender by the national government also through the 8000km program.






In this financial year, the County Government of Nakuru is renovating Muchorwe-Langwenda-Kamwaura and Susimuwa-Githiriga-Kamwaura roads at a cost of Ksh. 21 m and 5 m respectively.

To improve livestock and farm produce trade in Kuresoi North, a farm produce market will be constructed in Kuresoi to save farmers from the burden of taking their produce to Chepsion in Kericho. A livestock market will be put up in Cheptinoiyo.

The Director for Trade, Mandeep Singh noted that Kiptororo market is 80% complete and has been allocated Ksh 400, 000 for completion in this financial year and will be opened soon. The County Government of Nakuru has also conducted a survey that has shown the feasibility of developing other seven informal markets in Kuresoi North such as Ikumbi and Kamwaura Markets.






Residents were unanimously lauded the County Government of Nakuru in revamping pyrethrum farming in Kuresoi North. However, they sought help on post-harvest handling and marketing.

The CeC for Agriculture Dr. Stanley Chepkwouny said Agricultural Officers will be trained on online farm produce marketing to offer technological back stopping to famers.

Meanwhile Governor Mbugua insisted that farmers should be assertive and sell potatoes in 50kg bags to avoid exploitation by middlemen. He added that two major milk bulking and cooling projects are ongoing in Nyota Ward and a number are coming up.

It also emerged that through the guidance of Tea Development Authority, the County Government of Nakuru will aid establishment of tea nurseries in Soina.

For Communities in Kuresoi North to benefit with forest resources within their vicinity, the Chief Officer for Environment, Dr. Nelson Maara asked the community to register Community Forest Associations. Through this they can even be allowed to operate community managed saw mills.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua facilitated exhaustion of toilets in Kenjoketty Primary school and noted that although primary and secondary schools are not devolved functions, his government supports these local education facilities to the level it can.

The Nakuru County Governor pointed out that during the just concluded 5th National and County Government Coordinating summit, it was agreed that from the next financial year a fund for infrastructure maintenance in primary and secondary schools will be established and run under CDF.





The CeC for Education Francis Mathea said ECDE Assistants are being hired to sufficiently staff all ECDE centers, both the newly constructed and old ECDE classrooms. He further said the County Government of Nakuru has instituted measures to uplift the socio-economic welfare of the youth, disabled and elderly.

Land department through it’s CeC Rachel Maina indicated that it will help mitigate the issue of squatters in the area as well as land conflicts and public utility grabbing in consultation with Kenya National Land Commission. More, trading centre such as Sondu will be planned for sustainable development.

Over nine major water projects have been undertaken in Kuresoi North and more are in the pipeline.






On tenders, the CeC for Finance Ann Njenga said there are currently open tenders for youth, women and disabled and they are encouraged to apply for them as well as liaise with her office for more information on how to participate in the tenders.

Governor Mbugua when concluding this event said he was impressed with the way may community were co-existing harmoniously in Kuresoi North and asked the people to uphold peace as it bringing socio-economic development for the people resulting into the overall growth of the county.

All Nakuru county CEC’s Chief officers, Directors and the local area leaders accompanied Governor Mbugua for thee programs where they tackled issues raised by residents pertaining to their respective departments.

So far the Outreach Program has covered Kuresoi South and North Sub Counties.

The now popular and well-received program is scheduled set up office every week until April for two days in all sub counties and serve the respective residents.

Next week on the 24th and 25th of February the program spearheaded by Governor will be in Molo.

Mashambani Bus Terminus for Major Facelift

Nakuru, Kenya 16th February, 2016 – Mashambani bus terminus in Nakuru Town will get a facelift at a cost of Ksh 13 million Governor Mbugua has said.

Speaking during a demonstration of quick and effective way of sealing potholes by Avery East Africa Limited on Mburu Guchua Road and Kenyatta Avenue, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said contract for this work has already been awarded and will be facilitated in partnership with Kenya Roads Board.

‘Mashambani stage is one of the important terminus in Nakuru Town, in the course of this month its tarmacking will start. We want to give our people a conducive working environment’, said Governor Kinuthia Mbugua.


He added his government is working to deliver its promise of solving issues that hinder development in Nakuru County, saying working with partners such as Avery East Africa is one way of realizing the promises.

‘We must at all times maintain our roads. I commend Avery East Africa for accepting to partner with us so that we can adopt this patching technology. The main challenge of urban roads is potholes, when left unattended, potholes turn into a bigger problem, thus we have in our hands technology to mitigate this’, said Governor Kunithia Mbugua.

The Nakuru County Governor also noted through funding by the World Bank, a number of walk-ways have been completed in Nakuru Town and they are being enhanced for pedestrian safety, as well as ensuring people are not walking on dust or mud. He asked the people not to allow motorists to inconvenience them in the use of these facilities.

‘In this town there are several walk ways that have been done through the World Bank and the people have a right to protest against their use by motorists’, said Governor Mbugua.

On his part, Nicholus Kithinji the Managing Director Avery East Africa Ltd commended the County Government of Nakuru for allowing the company to use the County for an 18-month feasibility study that determined the suitability of Velocity technology.

He added in Africa, Kenya is the second country after South Africa to adopt this technology and Nakuru is among the leading counties in the nation. Kithinji observed that the technology takes less than three minutes compared to the age old process of cutting and sealing, 14 days are required.

Besides development on roads which also includes street lighting, Governor Mbugua said the County Government of Nakuru is constructing Nasha Square Market which will host hawkers who were relocated from the CBD.

Speaking later at Nasha Square Market, whose construction is underway, Governor Mbugua said he is happy with the progress so far, noting that this market once completed will accommodate more than 3000 traders will be opened on April.

He cautioned traders against paying anyone to be given a stall,

‘this market has been built by public funds to help people improve their livelihoods and no pay should be made to get a stall in this market. The Governor insisted that priority will be given to traders who were relocated from various streets in town and then opportunities will be opened for other traders adding anyone has a right to sue if asked for money to be allocated stalls’.

Last year in September when the governor visited the facility he promised traders operating on Wahia Lane will have a modern shade, a promise that has so far been fulfilled.

Governor Mbugua also asked the people of Nakuru to take advantage of the month long voter registration by IEBC. He observed that elections are critical as they give the people an opportunity to decide on who to entrust with leadership.

He has also asked all leaders to sensitize the youth and all in the society on the importance of registering as voters. The Nakuru County Governor observed registering as a voter equalizes all people as there is no vote which is special than the other.

‘Votes equalizes us all, there is no a rich or poor vote and this is the time for our people to register as new voters, change polling stations as well as replace lost voting cards’, said Governor Mbugua.

In his tour of Nakuru Town (Biashara Ward) today, Governor Mbugua also visited Lions Garden, which is under beautification programme by the Department of Environment in collaboration with some partners.

The Governor noted the County Government of Nakuru will find a way of availing stalls to shoe shiners and photographers operating from the recreation park.

He also joined missionaries from US and Britain who, through the. Metro Church International were cleaning various parts of the town.

The Governor was accompanied by Nakuru County Secretary Joseph Motari, MCA for Biashara Ward Hon Steve Kuria, Maina Kairu (CeC for Roads) and his counterpart for Environment Richard Rop among other county leaders and officials.


NAKURU, Kenya 4th February 2016 -County Government of Nakuru’s Outreach Program entered day two today in Kuresoi South at the Sub County’s Administrative offices.

Led by H.E. the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua and his Deputy Joseph Rutto, all the departments came together to change the way the government operates by taking its services to the mwananchi.

The program which kicked off yesterday, defining the true essence of taking the services to the mwananchi’s doorstep, as hundreds of Kuresoi South residents from various wards turned out to be served by their government.

The initiative which has received positive reviews so far is set to continue till April where the Governor and all the respective departments will set up temporary offices for two days every week in each sub county.







By David Kimani
Nakuru, Kenya 3rd February, 2016 – The people of Kuresoi South were a happy lot following the kickoff of the County Government of Nakuru Outreach Program aimed at serving the people right from their sub-counties.

Most of the area residents who spoke after being served by the various departments and the top county leadership including the Governor and the his deputy lauded the initiative saying implementation of this programme by the County Government is bringing vital services closer to them, easing the burden of traveling to Nakuru Town where the county headquarters are located.

Moses Chirchir of Kiptaragon commended Governor Kinuthia Mbugua’s and the County Governments initiative.

‘People have come from all the four wards in Kuresoi South and were well served by all the departments of the County Government of Nakuru. Personally, I am impressed by the team spirit and passion displayed by all CeCs and their teams in serving the people. They have demonstrated to us how all the ten departments of the County Government work as one to serve the people’, said Chirchir.





He further stated that the efforts of the Governor and his deputy have been instrumental in fostering the prevailing peace in Nakuru County. Peace in the region has translated into improved socio-economic growth of the people.

Geoffrey Koech and Eunice Koros said there are tangible developments on the ground brought by the County Government of Nakuru. They expressed confidence that the government will address the remaining issues.

‘In Amalo Ward, we have Kimororoch, Kiplemeiwo, Arrorwei, Simotwet Central, Simotwet and Tuiyobei ECDEs all built by the County Governement of Nakuru and we are hopeful that the remaining concerns that we have raised will be addressed’, said Eunice.

On his part, Governor Mbugua said this year the County Government of Nakuru is changing its way of serving the people in an effort to better service delivery.





‘To whet our service delivery more, we are bringing all the services offered at the county headquarters at the sub-county level. For the better part of this year we will use this approach. We want to save the people the hustle of traveling to Nakuru and also have a one-on-one with in order to understand and serve them better’, said Governor Mbugua.

He added this first day of the program in Kuresoi South was productive as many people have benefited with the services of the county government, urging people in the subsequent sub-counties to come out in large numbers.



Governor Mbugua cited the case of Elias Kipkoech, a gifted but needy child who was award a four year bursary to pursue his secondary education at Nakuru High.

The Nakuru County Governor also said IEBC was able to use this platform and registered many voters.

The initiative entered its second day today (4th February 2015) in Kuresoi South to be followed by Kuresoi North on the 17th and 18th February.


· 3rd and 4th February Kuresoi south

· 10th and 11th February Kuresoi North

· 17th and 18th February Molo

· 24th and 25th February Njoro

· 2nd and 3rd March Rongai

· 9th and 10th March – Subukia

· 16th and 17th March Bahati

· 23rd and 24th March Gilgil

· 30th and 31st March Naivasha

· 6th and 7th April Nakuru west

· 13th and 14th April – Nakuru east


By David Kimani

Nakuru, Kenya 2nd February, 2016 – Starting tomorrow Wednesday 3rd till mid-April, County Government services will be offered from the head offices of each sub-county.

This outreach programme is expected to go on until the end of the year and will include all the wards. Its main aim is to take the county government closer to the people and interact on a one one basis and to change the way the government has been operating.

‘We want to change our way of working. For the better part of this year, we will take services offered at our headquarters offices to those of the sub-counties and afterwards to all wards. We want the people of Nakuru to participate in the process of governance on issues affecting them’, said Governor Kinuthia Mbugua when he presided over a ceremony of flagging off 75 beneficiaries of Wings to Fly from Nakuru to Nairobi for official commissioning by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kuresoi Flyer (2)

He added this gives a chance to all the people of Nakuru to have their concerns addressed without the hustle of traveling to the county headquarters. Also this avails to the people the opportunity not only to have their issues solved but also a prospect of having a chat face-to-face with Governor Kinuthia Mbugua and also that of advising the Governor and other leaders on the pertinent issues affecting them.

‘Starting 3rd February, we shall set up temporary offices at our sub-county head offices starting with Kuresoi South, I will have my own temporary office, the Deputy Governor, all departments led by their respective CeCs and MCAs will do the same. This set-up will be like the one in our headquarters’ offices. We will serve the people from 8 am -5 am just like in a normal office’, said Governor Mbugua.

He added that this methodology is a key output in sensitizing the people of the scope of the mandate of the county government and also inculcate the significance of the office of the Governor and that of the MCA’s at the county level through projects done.

In each sub-county in between February and April, two days in a week will be expended for this outreach programme. The programme is kicking off tomorrow at Kuresoi South Sub-County Offices in Olenguruone.

It will be followed by Kuresoi North (10-11 February), Molo (17-18), Njoro (24-25), Rongai (2-3 March), Subukia (9-10), Bahati (16-17), Gilgil (23-24), Naivasha (30-31), Nakuru West (6-7 April) and lastly Nakuru East (13-14).


75 Nakuru Students Awarded Wings To Fly Scholarships

By David Kimani

Nakuru, Kenya 1st February, 2016 – H.E. Governor Kinuthia Mbugua today presided over a ceremony at County Headquarters where 75 needy students from Nakuru County were awarded comprehensive secondary scholarships from Equity Banks Wings to Fly Program.

The 75 students selected from Nakuru County are drawn from all the eleven sub-counties, and as Nakuru is a cosmopolitan county, all the communities are represented.

The Governor commended the program which is run by Equity Bank, saying that it supplements those given by the County Government of Nakuru and National government lauding the program for its commitment in sharing vision of giving access to education and it being the most transformative investment.

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‘Two weeks ago, we disbursed bursaries amounting to Ksh. 55 million that is supporting education of needy children across all our 55 wards. The County Government of Nakuru is going to release another tranche of the same amount soon and we are happy Equity Bank is contributing to this cause’, said Governor Mbugua.



He added that the County Government of Nakuru continues to support the education of the Nakuru-child, besides being the most transformative tool, education equalizes everyone in the society regardless of the background.

The Nakuru County Governor affirmed during the month of January, the County Government of Nakuru devoted this time to supporting children in schools.

Besides the bursaries offered, county government has helped rebuild burnt schools and through the Kinuthia Mbugua Foundation has donated school uniforms to public primary schools in Rongai, Gilgil, Bahati, Subukia, Molo and Njoro Sub-Counties and given Ksh 406, 000 in bursaries.

On his part, Joram Ng’ang’a, the Nakuru Regional Manager Equity Bank said a part from fees, the gifted children from needy families will also benefit with other utilities to give them a conducive environment for excellence, additionally to a mentorship module.



Simon Maingi, the Chairperson Community Scholarship Selection Board, Nakuru County said they received 550 application and this is an indication the number of bright and needy students in Nakuru County is high.

Nakuru County Deputy Governor Joseph Rutto said the County Government of Nakuru is aware of the high number of gifted and needy children and besides the Ksh 110 million bursary kitty set each year, the County Government of Nakuru is working with other key stakeholders including the Kinuthia Mbugua Foundation among others to ensure education access for all.

Meanwhile, Governor Mbugua has sent a message of good will to entrepreneurs who lost millions of shillings over the weekend to two fire incidents. Rumishi Hardware Ltd and Nakuru Poly Plast were gutted down by infernos on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

‘What happened over the weekend is a big blow to investments in our county. Besides loss of income by investors, hundreds of Nakuru residents have lost their source of livelihood’, said Governor Mbugua.



He, however, dismissed the circulating reports that the Disaster and Emergency Department delayed in responding to these two fire incidents.

The Governor said he has consulted widely and he has a verified report that the incident on Rumishi was reported on 11: 25 AM and by 11:30 AM firefighters from the County Government of Nakuru were on scene combating the fire. Nonetheless, the fire was so intense and the engine run out of water and went for a refilling.

Governor Mbugua said the lack of a hydrant in the facility complicated the process and ordered the CeC for Roads, Public Works and Transport Maina Kairu under whose docket the Department of Disaster and Emergencies fall’s to ensure all businesses premises have functional hydrants.

For the Nakuru Poly Plast, the fire outbreak was reported on 7:22 AM and by 7:30 AM, the county fire fighters had responded.

The Governor cautioned leaders from heaping blame when an accident happens but to strive to understand the situation for ease in mitigation.

Governor Mbugua was accompanied by his Deputy Joseph Rutto, Joseph Motari (County Secretary), CeCs Francis Mathea (Education), Maina Kairu (Roads), Prof. Catherine Kitetu (Public Service Management), Visoi MCA Hon. Gitau Kamau among others as well as the MP for Nakuru East Hon. David Gikaria among other county leaders and officials.