Business Incubator Nailab, Targeting Nakuru Entrepreneurs.

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 30th October, 2015 – Nakuru County entrepreneurs are set to receive a major boost through a partnership between the County Government of Nakuru and a business incubator tech firm Nailab to provide them real time opportunities for growth and development in the IT sector.

The partnership will see, the County Government and Nailab come together and provide infrastructure and a hands on curriculum that will identify business innovations across all sectors in the County including agriculture, manufacturing, medical services to be turned into viable businesses.

Speaking during the simulation of the proposal Nailab’s Communications and Marketing Manager Josephine Mwangi, said the set period of 6 months incubation time will be spread out in two main phases, product development and business development phases.

‘During the product development phase we will delve into the solution or the product at the same time using business level experts to build the capacity of the startup entrepreneurs. In three months we will have established entrepreneurs who will be able to develop a minimum viable product that they can sell’, said Mwangi. She added that the next phase is taking the product to the market, which is business development phase.

“At this point a lot of facilitation is involved. This involves meeting of the key player in a sector to offer support for product adoption. As this happens we connect the startups to funding, we give a seed funding for a 10% stake in businesses and also connect the startups to more sources funds such as online fundraisers.” said Mwangi.


At the moment Nailab gives a seed fund of Ksh 300, 000 but there are plans to increase this to between Ksh 2-3 million, as the previous amount was minimal for startups.

‘When all this is set we can start then the process of replicating Nailab in Nakuru will commence. These will involve creation of awareness and ideation with higher learning institutions from Nakuru County. The youth will be informed on how they can generate ideas, which will be then selected, those that meet the threshold for incubation will be scaled up to the final stage when they exit’, said Anne Lawi, the Incubation and Expansion Manager Nailab.

Governor Mbugua on his part directed that a team comprising members drawn from the executive, county assembly and youth leadership to be formed to establish on ways of engaging with Nailab. The proposed way forward can remain as it was proposed or be modified noted Governor Mbugua.

He added that Nakuru Youth Polytechnic could be used as the space for this initiative and tutors at this facility trained to empower the youth.

The Governor noted that Nakuru has innovative young people as the County Government used youth expertise to develop its Land Information System.

He was accompanied by Nakuru CeC for Public Service Management Catherine Kitetu, Director for Trade, Industrialization, Tourism and Wildlife Management Mandeep Singh, and Subukia MCA Hon. Peter Muchiri who is also the chairperson Labour and Social Welfare Committee among other officials.


As Leaders We Are Working Well Together for Nakuru to Prosper – Governor Mbugua

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 27th October, 2015 – Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has assured Nakuru County residents all elected leaders are working together in order to serve the people of Nakuru better.

Governor Mbugua added that the county leadership is working in unison towards one common goal.

He was speaking during a fundraiser for the completion of the New Testament Church of God in Mwisho wa Lami, Mau Narok Ward.

“For instance we are working together very well with your MP Hon. Joseph Kiuna and MCA Hon. Benjamin Irungu and all other MCAs’ this is paramount as it will ensure that that our county is on track and moving in the right direction.

Governor Mbugua added that the people did not elect leaders to fight each other, but to work together in order to serve the people better for improved livelihoods. An insight that was echoed by the area MCA Hon. Benjamin Irungu.

Governor Mbugua noted that according to assessments done, the County Government of Nakuru has achieved a significant milestone in alleviating people’s quality of lives.

Noting on matters development, Governor Mbugua said that he is satisfied with the work going on in Nakuru County in meeting the obligations that the county government has been tasked to do.

‘I want to assure you that Nakuru County stands firm, our county is strong and respected. I am satisfied with the progress we have made so far and we are heading in the right direction’, said Governor Mbugua.

‘Each ward is allocate Ksh 2 million for bursaries. Water supply has increased from 42% to about 60% since when we took power’, said Governor Mbugua.

The Governor observed among the most critical achievements of the County Government of Nakuru is fostering of peaceful coexistence of the multicultural communities in the county.

‘I would like to congratulate all people living here for keeping peace. That is the number one achievement of the County Government of Nakuru. We promised it will never be heard off again, where a community is fighting the other in Nakuru County or loss of property as a result of tribal war’, said Governor Mbugua.

Governor Mbugua urged the farmers to respect each other’s venture’s and investments for peace.

He also applauded the church’s role in fostering peace in the County.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua with Bishop Abraham Gitu of Apostolic Faith Church.


‘Mwisho wa Lami had some challenges on peace among communities, but today I can see happy people from different communities living together as brothers and sisters’, said Governor Mbugua.

The Nakuru County Governor said he has visited other places in Mau Narok Ward such as Likia, Mau and Kianjoya commissioning projects such as roads, water, dispensaries among others and he will soon visit Mwisho wa Lami to open a dispensary and other projects.

‘The dispensary we are going to open will be of high standards. You will not need to travel to Njoro, Molo or Nakuru for basic treatment. We will install all vital equipment and drugs in this dispensary so that you can access all health services here’, said Governor Mbugua.

He affirmed that together with the area MCA they have put measures in place to improve roads and drainage in the area. Plans for installation of streetlights is also under way.

Later Governor Mbugua was the chief guest at the finals of “Changamka na Kinuthia Mbugua Lanet/Umoja Ward Soccer Challenge Cup”. Over 90 games were played since July with about 30 teams participating.



The league had categories for juniors (boys and girls) and seniors (men and women).

In the final senior men match between Eagles FC and Posta FC, Eagles FC won 1-0. The competition was used as a tool to select a team that will represent Nakuru County in the upcoming inter-county games in Kwale.

Naivasha and Rongai Sub-Counties are also expected to kick off their “Changamka na Kinuthia Mbugua Soccer Challenge Cup.”

Governor Mbugua said the County Government of Nakuru has some initiatives for youth engagement and empowerment such as the recently signed Ksh 38 million Commercial Infrastructure MoU with Youth Enterprise Fund that will be used to empower the youth by funding their various initiatives.

The Nakuru County Governor said Nakuru has allocated each ward over Ksh 500, 000 for sports and this year.

Governor Mbugua said the County Government of Nakuru is committed to fighting illicit brews and commended the youth of Lanet as alcohol abuse is low in the ward.

Deputy Secretary Geoffrey Kioko, CeC for Environment, Natural Resources, Water and Energy Richard Rop, Lanet MCA Hon. Mwangi Ngarama among other county leaders and officials, accompanied the Governor.


Governor Kinuthia Mbugua Puts Land Grabbers on Notice

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 21st October, 2015 – Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has today put land grabbers on notice with dire consequences to follow all those who engage in the illegal ownership of land.

Speaking after commissioning the newly rehabilitated the Nakuru County Slaughter House today in Biashara Ward, Governor Mbugua said a large portion of the abattoir land had been grabbed.

‘We warn those people who have a tendency of taking hold of land or any other public property to stop. Any land or property of the County Government of Nakuru taken against the law will be reverted’, said Governor Mbugua.

Governor Mbugua affirmed the main objective of the government is to serve the people by creating an enabling environment for the people to make a living. Adding that his county government’s rehabilitation of the abattoir that was built in 1943 by the World War II prisoners of war is one of the many ways of achieving this.

This abattoir renovated at a cost of about Ksh 5.6 million has the capacity to handle 10-20 cows, 20 goats or sheep and between 200-300 poultry per day, employs over 20 people and per month generates over Ksh 50, 000 for the County Government of Nakuru.


Besides this, Governor Mbugua said the facility creates employment along the livestock value chain in Nakuru County, from farm to plate and also generates revenue for the county government.

Meanwhile, Governor Mbugua visited Manyani where he commissioned over 50 solar powered streetlights.

According to Maina Kairu the CeC for Roads,Transport and Public Works, over 300 solar lights have been installed in various sub-counties such as Nakuru West and Naivasha. This work is ongoing.

He adds that going green will help reduce County Government expenditure on power bills as well aid use of natural resources sustainably.

Governor Mbugua was accompanied by his Deputy Joseph Rutto, the Chief Officer Department of Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries Mrs. Wanja Muritu, Biashara Ward MCA Hon. Steve Kuria among other county officials.

Governor Mbugua Cautions Duale on ICC Prayers Utterances

By Jackie Ruto

20th October 2015 – Nakuru county leaders have strongly condemned the recent utterances by the leader of majority in the National Assembly Adan Duale on the attendance of some governors to the ongoing prayers for Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Sang.

Led by Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua, the leaders said that Duale’s sentiments are misplaced and could cause division among leaders.

He said that the county leadership loyalty to the executive was direct and that they do not wish to go through anyone to show their allegiance.

‘If Duale goes to those prayers to count who and who is attending, then he is not for prayers but rather for something else. We do not support utterances that might cause any division among leaders or Kenyans. Duale should know that Nakuru county leadership fully supports the president and his deputy,’ said Mbugua.


The leaders were speaking at Afraha Stadium during the well-attended Mashujaa day celebrations.

Governor Mbugua said Nakuru County is making huge strides in reviving the pyrethrum sector as well as improving potato farming in the area to boost on food security.

‘As much as the county has invested much on improving the agriculture sector, I call upon all the residents to practice modern technology in agriculture. This will help us to have enough food for our consumption and even for export because as for now the rain pattern is unpredictable,’ he said.


Other sectors the governor lauded, included health where a whopping Shs 3.8 billion has been put into in order to improve health services in the county.

He noted that the Shs 3.8 billion which translates to 34% of the budget has helped in increasing health facilities of the county which stands now at over 190.

On his part, Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto called on the national government to surrender to counties revenue collected from natural resources.

He noted that the counties take care of the said resources e.g. geothermal and national parks but get nothing out of it.


‘The national government should consider either surrendering or sharing the revenue with the counties. I call upon our elected members to follow on this bill in parliament because I know the revenue will bring a great change to our county,’ said Ruto.

Other leaders who spoke include MPs Samuel Arama- Nakuru West and David Gikaria- Nakuru East among others.

Nakuru’s Prayer Meeting a Unifying Factor – Governor Mbugua

NAKURU, Kenya 2nd October 2015 – The inaugural Nakuru County Prayer Breakfast took place today bringing together leaders from various sectors in the county and around the country.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua who was the patron of the event lauded the move saying that it is a big step in uniting the people of Nakuru.

He said that Unity in diversity is a more complex unity based on understanding that differences in social, culture, religious, ideological and political, enrich human interactions.

‘These differences enriches our socialization. Unity in diversity is the highest possible attainment of civilization, a testimony to the noblest possibilities of the human race,’ he said.



He however noted that interplay and diversity also brings about two serious challenges particularly in Nakuru County adding that Unity is not uniformity.

‘The challenge is to recognize and even promote genuine diversity to show people that being united does not necessarily mean doing and thinking in exactly the same way. Unity in Nakuru County can be our strength and this can bring development in all of our sectors in our county,’ he noted.

Other leaders present were Speaker of Nakuru County Assembly Susan Kihika, MPs David Gikaria- Nakuru East, Samuel Arama- Nakuru West, Jacob Macharia- Molo, Joseph Kiuna- Njoro, Kimani Ngunjiri- Bahati, Nelson Gaichohie- Subukia, Senators Lia Chelule, Paul Njoroge and Nakuru women representative Mary Mbugua.



The leaders all had a message of peace and harmony in Nakuru.

‘We want this to be a culture, we should be having such prayer breakfast every year and we are ready to support in any way,’ they said.







The event was organized by National Prayer Breakfast Nakuru Chapter, Nakuru Christian Professionals Association and Nakuru Church Elders Council and Nakuru county government.

The objective was to enhance unity and harmony under the theme, “FOSTERING UNITY IN DIVERSITY” towards the social and economic development of the county.

By Jackie Ruto

Nakuru County Ready To Deal With El-Nino Rains – Governor Mbugua

NAKURU, Kenya 1st October 2015 – Nakuru County’s steering committee on El-Nino Preparedness was officially unveiled today and has embarked on implementing the strategies to mitigate the effects of El Nino which is expected to start this month.

The sitting which was convened by Governor Kinuthia Mbugua at the Agricultural Training Centre (ATC) in Solio which is a result of a series of other prior meetings had brought together various stakeholders from the County and National Government to implement a water tight plan to ease destruction that could result from a situation that brought immense damage to the nation 18 years ago.

Speaking at the function, Governor Mbugua said El Nino preparedness in Nakuru County is on top gear, and as much as the exercise may be expensive with the county expected to spend over 500 Million Shillings. Some of the county’s development will have to be held back for funds to be channeled to the El-Nino Preparedness Program.


He added, ‘the purpose of the meeting was to crystalize our preparedness on the expected El Nino rains. This is not the first meeting; we have been having sectoral meetings and attended other meetings in Nairobi under the National Disaster Management Unit. Our meetings here in Nakuru include county executive departments, non-governmental organizations, business community, religious leaders, Red Cross society among others all key players who will make this exercise go a long way in managing the situation”. Said the Governor.

He also noted that he was happy with the response for this forum as all the stakeholders were present.”

Various stakeholders were involved to broaden the scope of the plan as the anticipated risk is high and solutions require multisectoral approach. The other main reason was to make the efforts sustainable through marshaling of resources for this initiative.

Regarding preparedness Governor Mbugua said this should be a constant part of how the county is run.

“Disaster management is not a one off event, disasters can strike any moment, thus we must explore ways of making what we start today lasts now and in future’.


Besides creating a taskforce, the meeting also aimed at identifying various hotspots in the entire county where more efforts will be expended. The areas include regions around Lake Naivasha, Elementaita and Nakuru.

Others are Nakuru-Naivasha highway affected by mudslides and sand harvesting areas.
In some urban areas in Nakuru County, storm water is a source health hazard, these areas will also be mapped and closely monitored. In Nakuru Town these areas include Kaptembwo, Rhoda and Kivumbini among others. In Naivasha, special attention will be accorded to areas such as Kihoto.

The rains are also expected to disrupt economic activities, but the county is positioning itself to make some gains as preparations are being done for the best and worst.

In agriculture, the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in the County Government of Nakuru will identify crops that can thrive in the heavy rains and farm inputs will be donated to farmers before the start of the heavy rains.


It is projected that the rains will increase pastures for livestock, thus the department will do livestock vaccinations prior to the rains.

The Department of Environment, Natural Resources, Water and Energy in collaboration with that of Roads, Public Transport and Public works as well as Public Health is working to ensure all sewerage lines and storm drains are unclogged and sanitation facilities are in order to avoid crisis.

Governor Mbugua said this is the responsibility of all, both the public and private sector as well as the people.

The Metrological Department has predicted that the rains will start on 7 October and will go up to early December 2015.

By David Kimani