Gov. Mbugua Condemns Arson Attack On Nakuru Mca Hon. Kihumba’s Property

NAKURU, Kenya 29th September 2015 – Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has condemned with the strongest terms possible the torching of Menengai West MCA Hon. Lucy Nyambura Kihumba residence and property by unknown people last night

Speaking at the MCAs home in Ol-Rongai when he went to sympathise with the family, Mbugua termed the action as an evil deed, adding that the perpetrators must be arrested and punished as deserved by law.

‘What I have seen here is not by accident. It’s a well-planned and deliberate situation. All must be done to have these evil people brought to book,’ he said.


The governor also called on speedy investigations to the arsonist that destroyed millions worth of property.

Mbugua called on leaders from Nakuru and the country at large to learn from the incident as far as their security is concerned saying that their security is important considering the type of work they do.

‘It’s unfortunate that it had to happen to our own for us to see the importance of our security. I express my sympathies to the family but at the same time urge them to be strong because they are alive, no life was lost and we have to thank God for that,’ he expressed.

He assured the family of the county government’s support during this difficult time.


Millions worth of property was destroyed after a group of arsonists attacked and set fire to the leader’s home using what is suspected to be petrol bombs.

The MCA, who was at the time in the house with her ailing husband and her son were able to rush out to safety on time.

Accompanying the governor to the MCA’s home was the Speaker of the Nakuru County Assembly Susan Kihika, County Secretary Joseph Motari, Majority Leader Waithuki Njane and over 50 MCAs from Nakuru County.

By Jackie Ruto.

Nakuru Celebrates Inaugural Youth Week With Pomp And Colour

NAKURU, Kenya 25th September 2015 – The Nakuru County Youth Act and Youth Policy is set to be formulated to provide a sustainable framework for engagement between the Youth and the County Government of Nakuru.

Speaking at a “Live Broadcasted Interaction Session” at the Kenya National Library Services Complex between the youth and the County Government of Nakuru during the week long Nakuru Youth Week Celebration, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said among the proposals within the Act and Policy will include the establishment of a County Youth Fund, an endowment fund for youth enterprises, and formalization of a County Youth Structure as an umbrella platform for inclusivity of all youth in the County.

He added that the noble initiative will also see the establishment of a centralized Youth Data-Bank for individuals and youth groups, and a youth hub, which will be a resource center for access to information and incubation center for innovation.





‘This initiative follows a series of consultative meetings between the County Government of Nakuru and the youth. Our young people do not have to migrate to other counties in search of socioeconomic and even political opportunities in a bid to improve their economic well-being and social status, they must be able to find them right here,’ he said.

He noted that the engaging process has indeed given due recognition to the youth by involving them in the designing, planning and implementing programs and policies that affect them.

‘This is the start and in this spirit we are looking for better and bigger things. Our youth must be involved, they should not be left on the sidelines in making of decisions that directly affect their welfare,’ he added.

Mbugua said that by the process of youth taking information closer to other young people, they have in a way supported devolution as it brings services closer to the people and giving people the power to decide on issues of governance that affect them.

He however called on the youth not to lament about the challenges young people face adding that challenges sharpen their skills.

The youth week was set aside to provide the county government and other stakeholders in Youth development with the opportunity to draw attention to the very important Youth related issues.







The week has been observed under the theme YOUTH CIVIC ENGAGEMENT, adopted from this years’ United Nations International Youth Day.

The Governor noted that indeed the theme emphasized the importance of participatory inclusion of youth in policy and decision-making processes of governance issues affecting them.

The event gave youth in Nakuru an opportunity to showcase their initiatives and dynamism for engaging with their county government.

Youth Participation and Empowerment, Youth Education and Training, Youth Employment, Youth Health, as well as Youth Alcohol and Drugs are some of the efforts the governor said will be used to achieve success.

The governor also reiterated on the youth participation and empowerment in the county saying that the county aspires to give them a voice in decision-making through civic education as it has happened in the entire week.

‘It is a constitutional requirement that the public should be involved in decision making on governance issues, thus we urge them to be active in public participation forums. Dates and venues on this forums will be communicated through the press and our online platforms, thus you must know that you have a responsibility not only to yourself but also to posterity to proactively engage,’ he advised.

‘Starting with youth who need education, we have a bursary kitty that supports young people acquire both secondary and post-secondary education. Besides this, there are also sponsorship for courses such as driving among others technical skills oriented training. So far we have disbursed Shs 240 million since 2013 in bursaries and we are about to release Shs 55 million in within this month and October,’ he explained in the broadcast.



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Other areas, the governor said, include partnering of the county government with various stakeholder for some initiatives that will create employment.

For instance, he said that in July this year, the county signed a Shs 38 million Commercial Infrastructure MoU with Youth Fund to facilitate the setting up of affordable lock up shops for young people in Gilgil, Naivasha, Nakuru and Njoro among other Sub-Counties.

He said that Nakuru county is committed to facilitate the youth in getting hold of their rightful share of 30% of all government tenders

On Alcohol, Drugs and other substance abuse by the youth Mbugua said that Nakuru has been at the lead in the implementation of the President Uhuru Kenyatta directive on the fight against illicit brews and second-generation liquors.

‘Besides this, we have put strategies in place and we are partnering with the private sector to rehabilitate the people affected by these brews most of them being youth. The issue of drug abuse is in away connected to crime and through Arts, Culture and Sport we are trying to take young people out of this mess at the same time empowering them to be dependable people,’ he added.

Governor Mbugua later joined and participated in a Youth Cultural Day & Gala Awards Dinner where youth diversity and culture was showcased.

The Nakuru youth week is scheduled to end on Saturday the 26th September with a Street Carnival where all County Government departments will showcase their services offered and engage the public while young local entrepreneurs will showcase their innovations.

The governor urged the people of Nakuru to turn out in large numbers to support our youth.

By Jackie Ruto

Gov. Mbugua Urges EU to Continue Extending Funding to Counties

NAKURU, Kenya 25th September 2015 – The European Union (EU) has been called upon to extend their term in community development projects in the country following indications that its funding on environmental issues is coming to an end.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has said that the EU can redesign its approach and formulate other rules that will allow the continuity of these funding that has changed many people’s lives.

Speaking in Menengai Forest Station during the Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF) commissioning event, the governor said that the projects under CDTF have had a positive impact in people’s lives and has brought along a big transformation.

‘These projects funded by EU and implemented by the community development trust fund have changed the livelihood of many people. It’s a big boost to the fight against poverty and we would want this program to continue,’ he said.

He noted that the county will consult to see where it can help in formulating the new regulations required for the continuity of the funding.

The EU representative Eric Habers revealed that they were terminating the projects funding following the new structure of governance, which came up with county governments.

He said that they have so far spent over Shs. 300 million in 29 projects in Nakuru.

The CDTF, which is a joint initiative of the national government, European Union and the Danish International Development (DANIDA) in partnership with the county government, focuses on health issues, education, water and agriculture.

‘Other areas that we focus on are social economic infrastructure, livelihood improvement, conservation of threatened eco system, soil and water conservation as well as renewable energy.’ said the CDTF program coordinator Joseph Ruhiu.

By Jackie Ruto

Fish Processing Plant For Naivasha

NAKURU, Kenya 22nd September, 2015 – The fishing industry in Naivasha is set to receive a major boost after the County Government of Nakuru and Chinese investors committed to the setting up a modern fish processing plant in the sub-county.

Speaking during a meeting with the group of the investors Tuesday, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said he’s promise to set up a fish processing plant within the area has bared fruits.

Governor confirmed that the County Government of Nakuru has entered into an MoU with the Chinese company Beijin Xidan Co Ltd who have committed to invest over USD 9 million for the establishment of the processing factory in Naivasha.

Mr. Yang Bo of the Beijin Xidan Co Ltd said the investment of his company in Nakuru County will spur social economic growth and also the county will benefit from physical and social economic linkages that result from international trade.

He added, ‘this project is going to create employment for about 400 people and the County Government of Nakuru will earn about 30,000 USD in cess per annum’.

Governor Mbugua welcomed the partnership, saying that apart from benefiting the fishermen in Lake Naivasha, other fish farmers from Naivasha and other parts of the county stand to benefit immensely.

“Among the fish spices targeted include Cray fish and measures have been put in place to ensure that the investors, local fishermen, communities benefit from this venture’, said Governor Mbugua.

The Governor added the fish stock in Lake Naivasha would continue to be replenished to make the investment sustainable.

A part from conducting business, Mr. Bo said they are going to offer quality welfare care to their employees as well as invest in giving back to the community.

The Chinese agreed to soon lease land for their factory and anytime they are expected to start the construction of the plant, soon as all details are in place.

At the meeting Governor Mbugua was accompanied by the County Secretary Joseph Motari, CeC for Agriculture Stanley Chepkwony, Naivasha Sub-County Fisheries Officer Mathew Ngila among other county officials.

By David Kimani

Governor Mbugua Flags Off 52M Ksh Medicine/Supplies Consignment for County Health Facilities.

NAKURU, Kenya 21th September, 2015 – 195 health facilities in Nakuru County which comprise of 8 major hospitals, 60 health centers and 129 dispensaries are set to benefit from a new consignment of medicine and other medical supplies worth over Ksh 50 million.

This consignment procured from Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA), will be delivered to every health facility door step and is expected to last for the coming three months.

Speaking during the flagging off ceremony of the consignment, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua assured residents that within two days all health facilities targeted will have received and more will be ordered after three months.

‘Within the coming two days, all our health facilities will have drug supplies and we invite members of the public, MCAs and MPs to oversight’, said Governor Mbugua.

He added that 15% of the 195 health facilities are newly constructed within the two years of devolution adding that this growth is no mean achievement and is a sign that devolution is working.

The Sales and Marketing Manager KEMSA, Geoffrey Alumila said that the consignment his organization delivered to Nakuru County is based on the specific needs of the county as per the department of health assessment.

He added this is the fourth time they were in Nakuru to deliver supplies. Alumila further noted that previously KEMSA used the PUSH way in medical supplies. Someone in Nairobi decided what was to go at the grass-root, but now they are using PULL methodology, whereby counties decide what they want for themselves.

Governor Mbugua further said that the County Government of Nakuru is determined to strengthen health access by all through the adoption of the six pillars of WHO in ensuring quality and affordable health care for all.

At the same time the Nakuru County Governor said the Beyond Zero Mobile Clinic has been considered as a facility and will also receive supplies from the consignment.

CeC for Health County Government of Nakuru, Dr Mungai Kabii said the clinic has been to all the 55 wards where over 80 women have delivered in the facility and more than 7,800 people seen for outpatient services such as VCTs, Family Planning, Cervical and Prostate Cancer Screenings, Child welfare clinics as well as prenatal and antenatal care.

Governor Mbugua noted that prior to devolution, out of every 100, 000 births in Nakuru County about 444 babies died but through the County Government interventions and health program the infant mortality rate has reduced to 214/100,000 births.

The Governor added that in Nakuru County, health sector continues to be prioritized and the county has attained Abuja declaration which asserts that health sector should be given more than 15% of the entire budget.

‘Since we took over, we have spent more than half a billion on drug supplies, this year our health sector received Ksh 3.8 billion which is 34% of our 2015/16 budget. Ksh 2.7 Billion Ksh goes to payment of salaries and over a billion is committed to supplies, upgrading and construction of new facilities. If you look at the growth rate and what we commit for development you will see there is no waste’, said Governor Mbugua.

He went on to laud the Nakuru health workers for embracing dialogue which ended the August strike which lasted less than 10 days.

These sentiments were echoed by the CeC for Health Dr. Mungai Kabii.

He said, ‘our health workers had gone on an industrial action on the basis of promotions, allowances and arrears. As we speak all have been promoted, the missing allowance reinstated and their payment of arrear will be effected by October’.

Dr. Kabii added that County Government of Nakuru is committed to improving the health sector in all the sub-counties and wards.

He noted that in Naivasha through the collaboration of Friends of Naivasha, a 100 bed capacity maternity has been constructed which not only serve the resident of Nakuru but people from Narok and Nyandarua, adding that in Malewa ward at Karate a maternity wing worth Ksh 3.2 million has been constructed.

In Gilgil Sub-County, Elementaita Ward, a 32 bed inpatient facility is under construction and in the same sub-county through the joint efforts of CDF and County Government a mortuary is under construction and a theatre wing has been added to Gigil Sub-County hospital.

The Health CeC also said Rhonda Maternity facility is undergoing upgrading and soon will have its own theatre, Langa Langa has obtained a Ksh 3 million equipment and it opening to the public will be done, Bodeni maternity is receiving a boost of Ksh 40 million and will be an extension of the PGH maternity wing.

Hon. Samuel Arama, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua, KEMSA's Geoffrey Alumila , Hon. David Gikaria

Currently, over 8 health projects valued at over Ksh 44 million are ongoing in Njoro. For Molo, the outpatient wing is complete including the morgue upgrading as well as the pediatric and maternity wing are underway.

Dr. Kabii also confirmed that Nakuru PGH is undergoing a major makeover and Nakuru County could be the second where the president will launch new equipment after Machakos.

Dr. Kabii added that Nakuru County has the biggest dialysis Centre at PGH which is also the cheapest.

‘A session is charged Ksh 5500 and with an NHIF Card Ksh 3000’, said the CeC Health.

PGH will get MRI Machine, CT Scan, Radiology Machine, the state of the art-theatre with an anti-bacterial floor, a star three lab (for all tests), a Ksh 15 million medical supplies warehouse and the upgrading of the mortuary by 64 beds and coolers.

At the same function, Hon. David Gikaria, the MP for Nakuru Town East who was in the event accompanied by his Nakuru West counterpart Arama Samuel and Borabu MP Ben Mumanyi said he was happy to see the good work being done by the County Government of Nakuru and that resources are being put to good use.

Meanwhile, Governor Mbugua has applauded National Assembly and the Senate for supporting counties in refuting the Health and Land Bill which he said are retrogressive and are in conflict with the Constitution of Kenya.

He urged the people of Nakuru to stand solidly behind the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto.

He added residents of Nakuru should be vocal and pray for Deputy William Ruto case at the ICC as URP and TNA merger into Jubilee took place in Nakuru.

During this flag off Governor Mbugua was accompanied by County Secretary Joseph Motari together with a number of CeCs and MCAs among other county officials.

By David Kimani.


H.E. the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua, his deputy Joseph Rutto and other county leaders and officers at the Nakuru County Headquarters with the NAKURU YOUTH WEEK committee as they get set for the Nakuru Youth Week set to ice off from 21st to the 26th of September 2015.

So much has been lined up to celebrate and empower the Nakuru Youth. Please find time and join us. The theme is “Youth Civic Engagement.”

“We as the County Government of Nakuru support this initiative for it creates a platform where our youth can be empowered and play a role in the growth and development of our great county” Governor Mbugua Said.






Governor Mbugua Cautions Leaders On Meddling With Nakuru County Affairs

Nakuru, Kenya 12th September, 2015 – Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua criticized his Bomet counterpart for facilitating and attending a funds drive in Salgaa whose main aim was to marshal bail funds for some people who burnt Nakuru County’s fire engine.

Governor Kinuthia who was speaking at a fundraiser in Mauche Ward, Njoro Sub-County asserted that Nakuru County boundaries are clear and they define the jurisdiction of the county beyond doubt.

He added that Bomet County Governor Isaac Ruto’s action reeked of impunity and if entertained could bring anarchy.

Governor Mbugua also reiterated that the leadership of Nakuru County from MCAs, MPs, Senators and Governor is intact and leaders from without will not be allowed to interfere with concerns of Nakuru.

Meanwhile at another function within the same ward Governor Mbugua announced that from next month, the County Government of Nakuru will advertise posts for ECDE teachers.

The Governor was speaking at Kaplelach Primary School during a fundraiser for classroom upgrading where he also encouraged the youth to apply for the positions and be on the look out for the adverts not only in the papers but also on other online platforms such as the County Government of Nakuru official site.

‘In hiring ECD teachers, the County Government is going to give priority to young people who hail from the area in which ECD center’s are located, thus we encourage all those who qualify to apply for the posts’, said Governor Mbugua.

Although Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary education are not devolved functions, the County Government of Nakuru partners with schools offering these services in areas such as upgrading of infrastructures to improve the quality of education in Nakuru County the Governor added.

Kaplelach Primary School started in 1998 as an ECDE Centre and relies mostly on teachers employed by the PTA for both nursery and primary.

The Governor noted devolution is gradually bringing development to the grass-root. The rate of change might not be as fast as the people would want it, however people must be patient to enjoy the fruits of devolution.

In Mauche Ward 15 projects have been implemented through the Ward Fund. The projects include roads and bridges, ECDE Classes, Hospitals among others.

For instance Victory-Koiyiot; Mauche-Tachasis; Kembu-Chepitet; Likia-Mosop; Kaptich-Mau and Kaptich-Chesaon roads among others have been rehabilitated.

The ward also has benefited with 6 ECDE Classes, which include Tachasis, Chesaon, Ewait among others.

On health, Taita and Tuiyotich dispensaries have been renovated. Plans to build a maternity ward for Tuiyotich dispensary are underway.

By David Kimani

Top Market Renovation and Upgrade to Kick Off

NAKURU, Kenya 11th September 2015 – Uplifting and giving the people of Nakuru dignified quality of livelihoods is the core mandate of the County Government of Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has said.

The Governor who was speaking to traders as he conducted an extensive tour of key markets in the county, used the tour to listen to their views on how the county can improve the facilities and meet the needs of the business community effectively.

Governor Mbugua who was also accompanied by the area MCA Hon. Steve Kuria visited Top Market, Nakuru Main Bus Stage and Nasha Market, which is currently under construction courtesy of the County Government of Nakuru Ward Fund.

Nasha Market is a one story-market and will house more than 1500 cloth traders who were relocated from Packers and Total.

Governor Kinuthia thanked the traders for being patience with the County Government in the relocation process.

‘Relocation was a painful process but you trusted that your Governor meant well and now we can see the fruits of being patient. Thank you for handling the transfer process with dignity and maturity’, said Governor Kinuthia.

He urged the traders to take their businesses seriously as these undertaking are good sources of employment just like any other.

‘Kiosks are everywhere in the world, even in the most developed countries. The difference is order and cleanliness standards. When you achieve these standards people of all walks of life will be motivated to come and shop from your stalls and this will translate into improvement of trade’, said the Nakuru County Governor.

He further said that kiosks should be allocated with fairness. Adding, ‘each person should be allocated one kiosk’.

At Top Market, the Governor met traders operating from this market, which was built in 1961.

He said his county government has kicked off the renovation and upgrading process of the market, which will include, the replacing of the hazardous asbestos roof, the chicken and fish slaughter house upgrading.

The market will also get a new water supply system, installation of cold room and rewiring/expansion of the whole electricity distribution.

Governor Mbugua also added that new sanitation facilities within the trading premises will be upgraded and new ones constructed.

Traders operating from the Nakuru Main Bus stop and Wahia lane will benefit with quality shades that will be designed by the County Government of Nakuru.

Governor Mbugua was accompanied by CeCs for Finance and Economic Planning, Agriculture, ICT and E-government, Roads, Transport and Public Works among other county officials.

By David Kimani

Deputy Gov Rutto Commissions Power Sub Station for Bahati Consituency

By Jackie Ruto

Residents of Bahati in Nakuru County are set to enjoy a better quality of power supply following the commissioning of a new 387 million electricity substation by Kenya power and the County Government of Nakuru.

The power station is aimed at improving the power supply network serving the Bahati areas commercial hubs.

Speaking at the ceremony today Nakuru County Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto said the county has fully welcomed and embraced the power company’s initiatives in the county, which are meant to improve the livelihoods of people.

‘For us, these projects means development. With the upsurge of investors in the county, this power resource will be utilized to the maximum,’ he said.


Ruto said that the county will enhance its partnership with the power company through the street lighting projects which is aimed at lighting every corner of the vast county.

He however called on the Kenya Power management to employ more staff and/or use more advanced methods of meter reading to avoid errors which are frequently experienced by customers.

According to Kenya Power Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ben Chumo, the newly commissioned Bahati sub-station will enhance quality of power supply to the residents of Wanyororo and Kabatini Markets, Murunyu, Ndunduri township and surrounding areas.

‘The substation will also provide additional transmission capacity, improve supply in the area and reduce losses in the line through the reduction of the length of feeder lines,’ said Chumo.

Dr Chumo noted that there was need to improve the quality and reliability of supply because they are crucial to steering economic growth and security.


‘We are making steady and sure progress in an effort to accelerate electricity supply to over 70% of the national population by 2017 and universal electricity by 2020. This new substation is one of the projects we are implementing so as to meet this goal.

Kenya Power is on course to install 98 new sub-stations by June next year to reduce frequent supply disruptions that have hurt its relationship with businesses and households, the firm has said.

The construction of the new substations is part of the Kenya electricity modernization project (KEMP) aimed at boosting efficiency in the power sector.

The construction runs parallel to the ongoing projects aimed at adding 5,000 megawatts to the national grid by 2017.


Deputy Governor Ruto Welcomes iTax support Centre to Nakuru County

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 2nd August, 2015 – Kenya Revenue Authority today opened an iTax Support Service Centre in Nakuru Town to enhance and hasten responses to system queries.

Nakuru County Deputy Governor gracing this ceremony at Generation Plaza said the innovation is timely as it will ease access of the taxman services by the people of Nakuru.

‘This innovation is timely and much needed in our county. Nakuru County is experiencing rapid growth. Businesses, individuals and the County Government of Nakuru need the iTax services for smooth operations. Thus we welcome the opening of this iTax support centre with arms wide open’, said the Joseph Ruto.

The Deputy Governor also noted that Nakuru County is vast and urged KRA to open another iTax centre in Naivasha. He requested the revenue authority to sensitize the public on this new web-based system that is integrating services simply and swiftly in a single window.

Ruto said County Government of Nakuru is willing to explore ways of working with KRA as it is facilitated for in the law, adding that by paying taxes, citizens make government work of providing quality services easy and is a sure way of averting strikes by civil servants.

KRA Commissioner of Domestic Taxes, Ms. Alice Owour said that KRA has heard the request of the Nakuru County Deputy Governor for opening an iTax support centre in Naivasha. She assured that KRA will start working on establishing another support centre in Naivasha and anywhere the innovation is needed in Kenya.


Ms. Awuor added the authority aims at making it easy for people to access tax services whenever and wherever so long as they have a connection to the internet.

She added, ‘since July 2014, the authority has established six iTax Support Centres with centres in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri, Thika and now Nakuru that offer integrated tax services to the people. In big centres like Nairobi, per day on average 800-1000 people are attended, while smaller centres see 300 people per day. Nonetheless the number is increasing’.

iTax has cut time taken in filing taxes thus increasing compliance of taxpayers. The system allows users access of various tax services from any location with internet connection, online registration and obtaining of pins, updating of registration details, filing returns and online payments among other advantages.

The Commissioner of domestic taxes said that KRA can enter into agreements with County Governments to provide modules that can help counties collect revenue.

Nakuru County Commissioner Mohammed Birik lauded the iTax initiative saying it is augmenting Huduma Centre services, where KRA is represented and more than 2000 people in a day access services from more than 30 government departments and agencies.

Birik urged KRA to keep up the good work on the fight against counterfeits from illicit and second generation liquors as well as the combat against the dumping of transit goods.

KRA Chief Manager Rift Valley Region said her agency’s anti-counterfeit department is working with the anti-counterfeit of Society of Kenya to fight bogus goods and has anti-counterfeit officers in all border points.

She added that all the youth employed in the Nakuru iTax Support centre are from the county and this is in sync with the spirit and the latter of devolution.

Nakuru County Deputy Governor noted that the County Government of Nakuru has adopted a more robust and seamless automated platform for tax collection, which is resulting in the increase of the revenue mobilized and collected.