New Fire Engine for Molo – Governor Mbugua

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 27th August, 2015 – Molo is set to receive a new fire engine to respond incidences of fires within the Sub-county

Speaking at the burial of Makadara Sub-County commandant SSP Ishmael Maina, Governor Kinuthia said the county government is aware of the fire incidences that have occurred recently in Mutirithia
and has instituting measures to curb such.

‘After the two incidents of fire that have affected this area, I want to assure you that we have already procured two fire engines and Molo Sub-County will receive one’, the Nakuru County Governor.

He added that Molo Hospital will be upgraded as funds have been set aside for the purpose this financial year. Further saying the mortuary at the hospital will also be expanded.

‘There is money allocated and we are going to undertake the upgrading of the Molo Hospital’, said Governor Mbugua.

On his part, MCA Molo Hon. Ngugi Muigai said County Government of Nakuru is committed to improving livelihoods and that residents of his ward will benefit with water, roads and street-lighting projects among other development projects earmarked for this new financial year.

The MCA said that Molo is now peaceful and people are welcomed to invest in the area.

Meanwhile Nakuru County Governor condoled with the family of the fallen AP officer saying that the country has lost a gallant son.

Ishmael served in a few police station. Normally, before retirement police officer serve in more than 30 station. While recalling his time working together with the late Maina, Governor Mbugua said that he faced resistance from the members of the public every time he would transfer him, an indication that the officer served his country to his best and without reservations.

All the speakers during the funeral gave their glowing testimonials of the late. Maina as a very orderly person who exuded leadership qualities from childhood.

His primary teacher, now the Nakuru County Women Representative said from an early age Ishmael was a leader, sentiments that were echoed by Nairobi County AP Commander, Francis Mburu and Governor Kinuthia who both have worked with Ishmael.

Governor Mbugua reiterated Maina was among the AP officers who were instrumental in setting up profound reforms in the Administration Police Force.

Involve Counties More in the Money Transfer Programs for Special Groups – Gov. Mbugua

By Jackie Ruto

Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has called on the national government to involve county governments in the money transfer programs meant for special groups by enhancing effective channels for access to information.

Mbugua said that elected leaders in the counties are better placed in knowing some of the required needs and shutting them out does not help.

Speaking during a meeting with the Senate Committee on Labor and Social Welfare, Mbugua noted that counties are sometimes clueless of the ongoing as far as the cash transfer is concerned because of lack of information.

‘There is literally no communication and at times we as a county are left embarrassed because we can’t explain some things to our people. It’s through the goodwill of people that we get some information,’ expressed Mbugua.

At the same time, the governor said that the county supports the cash transfer program.

He however said that the program needs to be strengthened to accommodate the enormous number of needy beneficiaries.

‘If we are talking about 6,000 beneficiaries in Nakuru for example, in a county of 2 million people, there is still a big difference. While we commend the national government for the initiative, the impact need to be addressed by raising the budget,’ said the governor.

In terms of Nakuru County being involved in initiatives for the disadvantaged groups, Mbugua noted that the county has passed regulations for people living with disabilities which is proposing a monthly stipend of Shs 2,000 per beneficiary and will begin by targeting 10 persons per ward.


He added that people living with disabilities having or doing businesses in town have also been exempted from paying revenues.

In the county, the governor said, almost 7000 old persons and over 800 people with severe disabilities are currently the beneficiaries of the cash transfer program for the national government.

The Labor and Social Welfare committee was in Nakuru in a fact finding mission which involved the issue of cash transfer program for the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

The chairman of the Senate Committee Steward Madzayo said that counties should also have their programs to complement the national government’s program.

He however cautioned against the use of favourism in the program adding that the National Assembly will soon come up with laws that are going to safeguard the cash transfer programs.

Other members of the Committee are Senators Martha Wangare, Paul Njoroge and Halima Abdila.

Governor Mbugua Commissions Africa’s 1st Bio-Gas Plant in Naivasha

Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has commissioned Africa’s first grid-connect Anaerobic Digester (AD) – bio-gas power plant – that will produce 2.2 MW of power to be sold into the local grid, farms and industries within its environs.

The plant, developed by Tropical Power Energy Group, is located at the Gorge Farm Energy Park on South Lake Road in Naivasha and will utilize local organic crop waste as feedstock for an innovative two-stage AD Plant that is 30% more efficient than the conventional single-stage plants.

Speaking during the official opening Thursday, Governor Mbugua termed the massive power investment as a breakthrough in the field of biogas power production, which he said, contributes greatly to provision of green and clean energy.

Tropical Power Energy Group will use organic waste and crops with water efficiency mostly found in semi aid areas and also agricultural waste to produce the bio-gas.


‘The significant point is that the industrial energy park will produce green energy from plant which have been a nuisance to us and has always been considered waste,’ said Mbugua.

The AD Plant utilizes 50,000 tonnes of organic crop waste each year and will produce at least 35,000 tonnes of nitrogen-rich matter as a by-product from the biogas process.

Gorge Farm will use this as rich natural fertilizer to improve soil conditioning and crop yields. This will displace an estimated 20% of synthetic fertilizer use and improve the farm’s bottom line.

The governor noted that the bio-gas power investment was timely considering the upcoming of several real estate and industrial cities in the county which will definitely use power.



He added that although Naivasha is the center of geothermal power production in Kenya and Africa, hosting the largest geothermal power station 140 MW Olkaria IV, most developments require a high supply of energy.

‘As Kenya moves towards becoming an industrial state by 2030, we must come up with innovative ways of producing clean, safe and sustainable electricity as it is the most sought for industrialization owing to its versatility in application’, he noted.

Tropical power group Chairman Mike Mason said that this was the first phase of the power project that has so far cost over Shs 700 million.


‘Despite the few challenges we had of regulations and tariffs, we intend to expand the energy production and also produce fertilizers from the same waste. We also want to produce solar energy and store the gas which will be used when there is no sun,’ said Mason.

He added that from the Anaerobic Digestion process, 35,000 tonnes of liquid and solid organic fertilizer will be realized and will be channeled back to farms, eliminating synthetic fertilizer use for improved crop yields and conditioning of the soil.

Tropical Power Group is also planning to set up a 10MW Polar PV plant, that will utilize the abundant favorable weather conditions to generate clean power.


Water Project for 400 Households in Kihoto, Naivasha Kicks Off

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 19th August, 2015 – Over 400 households in Kihoto, Lake View Ward, Naivasha Sub-County will have access to clean and safe water by December. This follows the launch of the water works under the World Bank funded Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Project (KISIP) in the area yesterday.

The KISIP water component launched in Kihoto is inclusive of a pipe network that will cover 12.7 km at a cost of Ksh 73 million. The 6 inches pipes will ensure that there is a 24-hour water supply.

Speaking during groundbreaking ceremony for the water project Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said that will translate to the supply of safe domestic water to about 30, 000 people.


He added that when completed the project will eliminate the reliance of shallow wells by the people, a factor that contributed to the outbreak and spread of cholera in the area.

Besides supply of water, this project also includes production of water. Some boreholes will be sunk and others rehabilitated. An elevated tank with a capacity to hold 250m3 is already being constructed to supply water in Kihoto.

Governor Mbugua and Lake View Ward MCA Hon. Simon Wanyoike pledged three water kiosks for women, youth and people living with disabilities in Kihoto.

‘A water kiosk goes for Ksh 20, 000, we want to give our youths who are recovering from alcohol addictions means of livelihoods at the same time we would like to empower our women and the gifted differently to improve their quality of lives, thus together with the MCA we will fund these water kiosks’, said Governor Kinuthia.

He added besides the water component the Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Project will involve tarmacking of the main road in Kihoto which is 6.2 km and grading and marruming of other roads as wells as erecting more high mast floodlights with a capacity to light a distance of approximately 400m.

‘Roads works have been delayed because the company that was working on them was put under receivership, however, we have pushed for the award of the contract to another firm and work on roads will resume soon’, said the Nakuru County Governor. He added that Karagita, Kwa Muhia and Kamere areas will also benefit from the same program under KISIP.

Lake View MCA assured Kihoto residents that labour will be sourced among them and not from outside the area.

Once linked to the Naivasha Water and Sewerage Company (NAIVAWASS) network, it is expected that operationalization of the project will be sustainable notes Joseph Theuri, the Managing Director NAIVAWASS.

Theuri added that through the Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF) the company is implementing an upgrading project for sanitation at a cost Ksh 6 million in Kihoto.

‘Landlords of Kihoto are called upon to partner with us to construct specially designed toilets in their plots in which they are to be paid Ksh 20, 000 per unit. These facilities are designed to enable exhausting of waste into out treatment ponds and this will avoid contamination of water that would lead to diseases like cholera’, said Theuri.

At the same time Governor Mbugua reiterated that the his administration is fully behind the leadership of H.E. the President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto, complimenting the decision by the national government to have the Standard Gauge Railway reach Naivasha.

‘The president has directed the SGR to be terminated in Naivasha. This is a good, Naivasha will become a dry land port creating businesses opportunities for the people. This will require healthy and sober people the reason we support the president directive on the fight against illicit and second generation liquors to ensure we have a healthy work force’, said Kinuthia.

Governor Mbugua Condoles with Families of Lake Naivasha Tragedy

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 19th August, 2015 – Governor Kinuthia Mbugua together with Hon. Jonathan Warothe MCA Hells Gate, Hon. Virginia Wamaitha nominated MCA Hells Gate and Hon. Simon Wanyoike MCA Lake View joined the residents of Karagita in mourning the loss of three fishermen operating from Karagita Beach.

Last week on Wednesday, a fishing boat capsized in Lake Naivasha with six fishermen on board. Three died and three survived. Two bodies have been recovered and will be buried on Thursday and Friday this week. By yesterday one body was yet to be recovered from the Lake.

Governor Mbugua said that County Government of Nakuru will work with the National Disaster Management Unit to build the capacity of divers at various beaches around Lake Naivasha by training and equipping them.


He assured Naivasha residents that Riparian land within Lake Naivasha will remain public and vowed to work with the area MCA Hon. Warothe and other leaders to ensure this.

The Nakuru County Governor said his government has restocked fish in Lake Naivasha, lifted the annual fishing ban this year and donated patrol boats. He added that two more boats will be donated to Karagita Beach bringing the total number to four.

‘We want to structure our fishermen trade by bringing them in a Sacco so that they are able to benefit more from their trade’, said the Governor.

Nakuru County Nurses Resume Work

NAKURU, Kenya 14th August, 2015 – Nakuru County nurses resume work today afternoon after a return to work formula was reached between them, the County Government of Nakuru Department of Health Services and the Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN).

Announcing the resolution at the county headquarters today, the Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto said that since the strike commenced on Monday the county has been negotiating with Doctors and nurses and today the county government struck a deal with the nurses.

Joseph Ruto said, ‘our negotiations with the nurses have borne fruits, unfortunately we are yet to come to terms with Doctors.

The Deputy Governor lauded the nurses’ move under the leadership of Seth Panyako the General Secretary of KNUN affirming that the County Government of Nakuru is going to keep its end of the bargain.

Ruto however urged the Doctors to go back to work as they continued engaging each other and asked them to be realistic on their demands.

‘The only demand making us to disagree with our Doctors is that they want us to back date promotions to 2011 when they were not our employees. Otherwise we have agreed to everything they requested. This request cannot happen as there are rules that guide promotions in the civil service’, said Ruto.

Panyako said he was pleased with the negotiations and has appended his signature on the deal.

‘Based on this agreement, the strike that started on Monday for nurses and health workers’ apart from Doctors has been officially called off and all the workers covered by the return to work formula are expected to report back to duty on or before 2 PM today (Friday)’, said the General Secretary KNUN.

He asked county governments across the country to embrace dialogue so as to avert industrial actions that sometimes lead to unnecessary deaths.

Skill Oriented Education is Key – Prof. Kitetu

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 13th August, 2015 – County Government of Nakuru is committed to improving skill oriented education in the county through reviving and establishing more polytechnics.

Speaking at the launch of new training equipment at the Sensei Institute of Technology in Lanet, Professor Catherine Kitetu said technical education will enhance socio-economic growth in the county.

This comes amid increase of essay writing services in the world.

Prof. Kitetu, the CeC for Public Service Management said, ‘investing in institutions for practical skills training will create employment and eradicate poverty’.

She added that the meaning of vocational training needed to be made more clear as many people still misunderstand it, instead giving more preference to white collar job oriented education and this creates imbalance in development.
Many of the upcoming projects both at the County and National government need people with skills.

For instance the construction of the standard gauge railway line requires more than 30, 000 skilled employees.

It is likely that the country cannot raise this number and we will end up importing labour, just like it was done during the construction of Kenya-Uganda railway line ‘the lunatic line’ from 1985-1902.

The Public Service Management CeC lauded the institutions record, the only of its kind in the county and which hosts students from Southern Sudan and Uganda.

Prof. Kitetu noted that the County Government of Nakuru is ready to partner with the institution and invited the institute’s management to enter into an MoU with the county government.

Other county officials who accompanied, the CeC for Public Service Management were her counterpart for ICT & E-government Stephen Maritim and the Director of Youth Affairs and Vocational Training Mrs. Josephine Njuguna.


Construction of Kuresoi Technical Training Institute Kicks Off in September

By Jackie Ruto

7th August 2015 – It is a relief for thousands of youth in Kuresoi South in Nakuru County after the national government announced that the construction of the Kuresoi Technical Training Institute will begin next month.

Deputy President William Ruto announced this in Kiptagich secondary school during a funds drive for the construction of a laboratory.

Ruto said the Shs 100 million institute is one of the key agendas the jubilee government promised Kenyans.

‘This institute is aimed at giving all Kenyans a chance to expand their knowledge even in rural areas. We are also going to put up more institutes in Kuresoi North, Molo and Bahati next year,’ he said.

The deputy president, on agricultural issues, said that his office will donate over 50 milk cooling plants to Nakuru County when the county government completes the process of acquiring land.

‘Dairy farming is a big investment that needs to be supported. All wards in Nakuru County should have at least one milk cooling plant to enable farmers reap good earnings from their efforts. Am calling on the county government to look for land for this plants as soon as it can,’ said Ruto.

On his part, the Deputy Governor of Nakuru Joseph Ruto said that the County supports and welcomes people who are committed to improving the quality of education of its citizens.

‘The greatest empowerment we can give to our people is quality education and raising funds to build a laboratory is part of providing quality education,’ he said.

He called on the national government to hasten and complete the issue of Mau IDP’s resettlement to enable them continue with their lives.

Other leaders present during the harambee were senators Charles Keter and Liza Chelule, MPs Dan Wanyama- Webuye, Kimani Ichung’wa- Kikuyu, Lati Lelelit- Samburu West and Joseph Lekuton from Laisamis.

Ruto also presided over another funds drive in Keringet. Over Shs 6 million was raised in both schools.

County Govt Working Hand in Hand with all MCA’s – Governor Mbugua

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 4th August, 2015 – County Government of Nakuru’s link between planning and budgeting is robust and will go a long way in transforming livelihoods of the people at the grass-root Ndudori Ward MCA Hon. Stephen Kihara has said.

Hon. Kihara was speaking as he and Governor Kinuthia Mbugua amongst other Nakuru County officials visited Tabuga and Githioro Villages in the ward.

‘Our governor is respectful, listens and places the welfare of the people above politicking. I support his work that is changing the quality of the lives of our people’, said Stephen.

During the visit to the Bahati Sub-County, the Governor, through Kinuthia Mbugua Foundation donated school uniforms to 687 children from ECD to Class eight pupils of Tabuga Primary School.

At the same time, Governor Mbugua assured the area residents that he was working closely with the area MCA and other stakeholders to improve infrastructures of public service in the area.

‘In this financial year, the County Government of Nakuru has allocated funds for the rehabilitation of a borehole in Tabuga Primary school. We will install a pump in this well and build two 20, 000 litres water tanks and lay a pipe network that will supply water to the school as well as the community within its vicinity’, said the Governor.

He added that other water projects such as Kanyariri and Ndudori-Menengai were in the pipeline and will soon be commissioned to serve the residents of Bahati.

Also in Bahati Sub-County, at a cost of Ksh. 300 million, Ithagani dam coupled with a water treatment unit is being constructed by the County Government of Nakuru.

This dam once complete will feed water to areas of Solai, Lanet and Bahati itself.

Governor Kinuthia noted that his government has stepped up interventions in Ndudori to enhance farming.

‘We have rehabilitated cattle dips such as Tabuga and Wanyororo, additionally to donating fish pond liners to Kiamunyeki Women Group’, said Kinuthia.

Ndudori Ward MCA said Ndudori and Kiwamu hospitals will get an upgrading of Ksh 10 million each in phases, adding that the grabbed hospital land in Githioro will be reverted back to the public through the recently inaugurated Nakuru County Land Management Board.

From Tabuga, Governor Kinuthia preceded to Githioro village in the same ward. Here he was at the Nakuru Mountain Park Academy. This school was started by Isabella and Jeremiah Robi and with the support of the people of America through the Kenya Project in the U.S. has tremendously grown.



The school has streams from ECD to class 8 and also a secondary wing, half of the school population is of orphans and vulnerable children from Nakuru County who are sponsored for education. Nakuru Mountain Park Academy also has a children’s home, one of its kind. The home contains 4 houses each sheltering 20 children. Here the children are under parents, husband and wife leaving with their children given the onus of raising the children providing a normal home step up for the orphans.




Governor Mbugua said County Government of Nakuru will partner with the school and also work on the simulation of its model in other areas of Nakuru County.

Meanwhile, Governor Mbugua reiterated that alcoholism has been a critical problem in Nakuru County and his government was happy with the president’s directive on the fight against illicit and second generation liquors.

‘From the start we supported this directive and we are supporting it and the County Government will continue to support it’, said the Governor.

He added, ‘through cooperation with Nakuru County Commissioner, MPs and the public have destroyed illicit brews, I appeal to the people of Nakuru to continue supporting this drive and the manufactures of the proscribed brews should now the people have spoken and there is no turning back’.

Governor Kinuthia noted the crooks making illicit brews have come up with new ways to evade security checks.

‘Unlawful liquors are now being transited with thermoses and other camouflaging, thus security should be alert to ensure there are no setbacks in the gains we have made so far on the crackdown of improper brews’, said Kinuthia.

He added he has never opened any illicit brew manufacturing plant.

‘I opened a plant that had met all the regulatory requirements and is a serious industry that is creating employment for the people of Nakuru’, said the Governor.

He noted that Public and Private Hospitals in Nakuru County are rehabilitating and treating addicts of alcohol.

On leaders who seem to be reducing the fight against illicit brews into mudslinging, the Governor called on them to handle this noble drive with decorum, integrity and truthfulness. Saying even though he is not seen on raids, he and his government are supporting the combat to the latter.

He added that those leaders who are saying they have been charged by the County Government of Nakuru for destroying illicit liquors should come clean and if this is the case he will have the charges dropped.

28,000 Women in Nakuru Undergo Cancer Screening Since May

NAKURU, Kenya 5th August 2015 – Over 28, 000 women have undergone cancer screening in Nakuru County in the last three months.

Nakuru County Health Chief Officer Dr Samwel Mwaura notes that since the launch of the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) in May, the cancer awareness and testing drive has yielded positive results in allowing women seek cancer screening services early enough in life.

Dr Mwaura says that early detection and diagnosis of any type of cancer is critical for Kenyans in a bid geared towards enabling a patient start treatment and management of the disease early before it translates into a life-threatening sickness.


Speaking at Tayari area in Molo during a ceremony for her when she joined a local women’s group Governor Kinuthia Mbugua’s wife Lucia, Dr. Mwaura advised women and men to take advantage of adequately equipped medical facilities in the county for regular free cancer screening services.



He said early diagnosis of cancer is invaluable not only in its successful therapy but also in control and prevention.

In the daylong event, 500 women and 100 men turned up for the free screening services for breast, cervical and prostate cancer.

The free clinics were complemented with free HIV testing and Counselling (HTC) and appropriate family nutrition services courtesy of County Government medical practitioners and panoply of health and nutrition experts.

On her part, Lucia Kinuthia called on women in rural areas of the county to form self help groups, register them in order to be eligible for zero interest loans from the Government.

She said that it was only through partnerships anchored on unity of purpose among women that will liberate them from poverty and ignorance.

Mrs. Mbugua said the county has 17 active and registered women groups which other women can join and identify viable niches in agriculture, Trade, commerce and industry and seek the governments zero interest loans and venture in to profitable businesses as a way of bolstering the countys emerging economy.

The Governor`s spouse used the opportunity to advise women to utilize free medical camps in the county to acquire timely and pertinent information about their health as well as the general health of their families for healthy a society.

She emphasized on the need regular ante-natal, post natal and post postpartum services for women saying these services now offered for free by seasoned health practitioners across the county will aid in curbing rising trends in maternal and child motility in rural areas.