23RD July 2015 – Nakuru County has become the first county to receive goodies from the USA just hours before US president Barrack Obama lands into the country.

A delegation of US investors and scholars have committed Shs 165B toward two major projects in the county ahead of the visit.

A state of the art worth USD50B dollars referral hospital will be constructed as well as a Shs 160B conventional center which will be bigger than the KICC.

Addressing the press moments after hosting the delegation from the US for breakfast at a hotel in Naivasha, Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said that the county has already identified land for the construction of the two centers.

He attributed the mega-investment to major cooperation between the US and the Kenyan government.

‘The referral consists of cancer, dialysis and heart centers and it will positively impact on the health services in the county,’ he said.

Kinuthia promised the delegation that his government would work with them in the development of the two centers which would also serve neighbouring counties.

‘The conventional Centre is going to be the largest in the region while the health facility will offer services to even the neighbouring counties,’ he noted.

The leader of the delegation Dr. Maurice Kinyanjui Director of Ibex Initiatives said that USD50 m for the health facility were in place and that the project would commence anytime.

‘Plans are underway to construct an USD1.6B conventional Centre in Nakuru County and experts are working on the fin al details,’ he said.

Ibex Initiatives Inc a US project development firm looks to partner with SME in real estate, health and energy sectors. Crown Jewel Hospitality wants to partner with hotels and entertainment firms that are growing.

Other firms are Green Fuel solutions, Arc Angle Global Media, Biometric ID and Identity Management Solutions and Rosenthal Group.



By Jackie Ruto*

NAKURU, Kenya 23rd July 2015 -* Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua
has raised concern over the issue of teachers’ welfare in the country
saying that it is a matter that should be looked at and addressed with the
urgency it deserves.

Mbugua said that teachers carry heavy load and responsibility and their
work does not match the remuneration they get form the government.

‘Am in total agreement that teachers form a real core team of human
resource and the well-being of the county as well as the country literally
lays in their hands. No matter how the economy is, we must do something for
the teachers if we want to maintain the quality of education,’ he said.

Mbugua was speaking in Osembo primary school in Bahati during the Solai
teachers’ welfare association AGM where he reiterated the importance of
teachers in all levels of leadership.

He said that teachers constitute a large proportion of the elite in the
country as well as the number one opinion-shapers who can’t be ignored.

He also noted that Nakuru County has and will continue to support education
sector despite this being a national government function adding that the
county recognizes all teachers’ hard work.

‘We have initiatives such as free school uniforms programs for students and
it should be noted that this is not a campaign tool but rather something
born out of our feeling to support education in our county,’ said Mbugua.

Other initiatives, the governor said, include the supporting of joint
examinations materials for schools for the sole purpose of enhancing
education in the county.

The Solai Teachers Welfare Association lauded the county leadership for its
commitment towards enhancing education in the county by building more ECD
classrooms as well as sponsoring bright students from poor families in
continuing with their secondary and post-secondary education.

The Governor called on all teachers to join welfare associations which he
said will go a long way in improving their lives.

‘Welfare associations are valuable initiatives that can transform an
individual or a locality,’ he added.


NAKURU, 23rd July 2015 – H.E. the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has today made changes in his administration by re-deploying several members of the County Executive Committee.

This is in the quest of delivering enhanced services to the people, in line with the agreement and pledge that he had made with the residents of Nakuru county.

With immediate effect and in accordance with the law, the constitution of Kenya and the County Governments Act (No 17 of 2012) Sections 31, 44(2)(c), 45(2), 45(5), 46(1), Governor Mbugua has moved Professor Catherine Kitetu who was the CEC in Education, Culture, Youth and Sports to Public Service Management.

Francis Mathea who was the CEC in charge for Finance and Economic Planning moves to Education, Culture, Youth and Sports.

CEC for Public Service Management Ann Njenga moves to Trade, Industrialization, Tourism and Wildlife Management. She will also double up as the acting CEC in the Finance and Economic Planning docket.

The Governor meanwhile, has called on all to give the CEC’s full cooperation and support as they continue to dispense their duties in their new departments adding that these new changes will bring much more efficiency to the performance of the county government.
He also took time to commend all county staff for their hard work, which has enabled the county to overcome numerous hurdles and reach where it is now.


Eddy Kimani

Director of Communication

County Government of Nakuru.

Nakuru County and Youth Fund Sign 38M Ksh Commercial Infrastructure MOU.

By Eddy Kimani

NAKURU 20TH July 2015 – H.E. the Governor has signed a 38 Million Shilling Commercial Infrastructure MOU between the Youth Enterprise Development Fund and the County Government of Nakuru.

The agreement will provide an elaborate framework that will address entrepreneurial needs for the youth in Nakuru County.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the offices of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund Monday, Governor Mbugua noted the challenges the county government been keen on addressing issues pertaining to the empowering of the youth and lauded the fund for their continued efforts in addressing the youth.

“From year one since we moved to the devolved system, we have had a lot of engagements with the youth and we have really focused on refining the various proposals and activities. Am happy that now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel through such partnerships. We as a county we appreciate the work the fund has been doing even though the issues of the youth are very complex.

The Chief Executive Officer for YEDF Catherine Namuye said praised the Nakuru County team who she has been in consultation with and promised to work closely with the county government and see how best the MOU can be implemented.

Namuye added that the MOU will facilitate commercial infrastructure for youths, provision of loans them specifically in relation to 30 per cent access to government procurement opportunity.

At the signing ceremony it was also agreed that an initial 22 hatcheries will be handed over to Nakuru County where each constituency will receive 2 hatcheries to jump start the program.

Governor Mbugua thanked the Youth Fund for selecting Nakuru to be the first county to kick-start the initiative adding that it will indeed impact the lives of the youth in the counties and indeed the whole country.

“This is MOU we have entered into today will give us a real framework of engagement from which now the youth can benefit. Its something we really value so that we can be able to get the youth in Nakuru County to start getting tangible programs in their hands”.

The MOU will see the two working closely on various matters in the interest of youth empowerment.

The partnership will also provide capacity building and training of the youth who will benefit from the program including coming up with worksites and trading premises for young entrepreneurs.

The County Government will soon announce how the youth will access this program including training and capacity building so as to fully benefit from it.

Present the signing was County Secretary Joseph Motari, Economic Advisor Engineer David Muthoga chairman of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund Bruce Odhiambo, CEO Youth Enterprise Development Fund Catherine Namuye and various directors and members of the fund.

Deputy Ruto Condemns Dumping of Illicit Brew in CBD

NAKURU, 14th July 2015 – Nakuru County Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto has condemned the recent dumping of outlawed illicit brews at key road installations of the Nakuru Central Business District.

Speaking at the launch of the Link Therapeutic Centre in Njoro on behalf of Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua, Ruto raised issue with the destruction of property and the politicising of the whole operations.


He said that there are betters ways that leaders can address their issues and not through such acts that inconvenienced the whole town last evening where major traffic jams were experienced.

“We support 100% the crack down of theillicit brews but let us not use this to fight political opponents because that is the direction it’s taking now. Let us follow the law as stipulated. How can one go all the way to another part of the town collect alcohol and dump it all right in the middle of the towns major highways.” He said.


Ruto added that those involved with the dumping of the illicit brew should be sober in dealing with issues and not undermine the rule of law while at the same time losing the attraction we are working hard to build for more potential investors.

“What we are seeing here might chase investors. Investors come when they know their money is secure and when they see such acts we are only chasing them away. We must do this soberly and avoid cheap politics lets look at the wider perspective and deal with the evil that is this illicit brew.”


At the launch ceremony Ruto said that the County Government of Nakuru will foster partnerships with rehabilitation centers in championing a drug free generation.

He said that the county government and its leadership is committed in supporting initiatives aimed at finding long lasting solutions especially with alcohol and drug addiction.

“This initiative has come at the right time when H.E. the President Uhuru Kenyatta issued an order on the crackdown of the second generation drinks. Thus its only in order to support such institutions through participatory initiatives as enshrined in our constitution.”

The deputy governor also highlighted on the importance of drug rehabilitation centers.

“2.2 million Kenyans are addicted to drugs of various kinds and need serious rehabilitation. With such statistics the importance of an institution such as this and the value it will bring along cannot be over emphasized.” He said.

Ruto also added that the County Government will champion advocacy for prioritization and allocation of more resources for Health.

“In the recent times, the media has published information that pointed to the disastrous outcome of alcohol and substance abuse. The negative impact of alcohol and substance abuse is reflected in the immediate and long term effects to the individuals and families concerned as well as the entire society”.

Nakuru businessman Joseph Gichuru who is also the chairman of the center welcomed the county government’s efforts in joining hands with the institution.

“We are very grateful for the County’s interest in this institution and it just goes to show their commitment that this is a vital element for the society and it’s well being.”

The rehabilitation center, which was established three years ago, is an addiction therapeutic development, which helps clients sustain lifelong recovery.

Others present at the ceremony included Nakuru Chief officer for health Dr. Samuel Mwaura, Njoro MP Hon. John Kiuna among other officials and leaders.


Nakuru School Recommended to Be Centre of Excellence

By Jackie Ruto

Nakuru’s Pangani Integrated Primary School will be recommended to be a center of excellence for pupils with disability in the county, principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education Josephta Mukobe has said.

Mukobe was speaking during a tour of the disabled pupils institution, and said that the national government will support, where necessary, such initiatives through the county governments.

‘Am impressed and I commend the County of Nakuru for having such facilities that take care of the disabled children. This should continue and i even recommend this school to be a center of excellence,’ said Mukobe.


She however called upon the County Government to look into setting up more institutions where pupils and students living with disability can be able to pursue the skills they undergo in school.

‘It is not enough to give a child a skill. It’s important to know where they go after here and it’s important for a county government to provide a place where they will practice and make use of these skills,’ she said.

The PS also reiterated the importance of good education standards to children living with disability adding that all counties should also ensure that they provide a conducive learning environment for them.


The County Executive Officer for education Prof. Catherine Kitetu said that the county will continue to sensitize parents on their responsibility as far as the special needs of the disabled children are concerned.

She however noted that facilities that accommodate such children in the society are few but the county government has put aside a substantial amount of funds to help in expanding of the available facilities.

‘We know the importance of having these children in school and as government we are committed to see that this facilities are available,’ said Kitetu.

The school is currently expanding the facility that holds more than a hundred children with different disabilities.


Delivery of All Devolved Services Closer to Nakuru People, is a Priority – Governor Mbugua

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 8th July, 2015 – Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has strongly assured Nakuru County residents that they will continue to enjoy devolved services and have them brought closer to them as the County Government is committed to improve its service delivery.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said this yesterday in Njoro Sub-County when he and several County Government CEC’s met MCAs and community leaders, from Mau Narok, Lare, Nessiut and Njoro wards in a consultative meeting.

‘We are evaluating projects and also prospecting for progress as one people, although everything cannot be done at once, my government has time which is not less than two years and together we will achieve more’, said Kinuthia.

At the meeting, residents from the wards requested for rehabilitation of more roads; supply of electricity and water for enhancement of agriculture and other socio-economic activities; establishment of more ECDE Centres and Polytechnics; upgrading of health facilities and establishment of cemeteries; provision of more milk coolers for dairy farmers and solutions to land issues.

‘My government is investing in Early Childhood Development, we are building an ECDE class in Mukungu Mau Narok Ward and we will commit money for ECDE classes in Makutano and Gatimu Primary Schools, additionally to development of polytechnics’, said the Governor.

Residents of Gatimu in Mau Narok benefited with a milk cooler that Governor Mbugua said will be delivered to them soon. For the request of three more milk cooler by the residents of Lare the Governor said the matter will be addressed in the next financial year.

The CEC for Roads, Public Works and Transport Nakuru County Maina Kairu said that every year the County Government of Nakuru budgets money for road rehabilitations and has invested in machinery for the same.


‘Roads such as Muchoruwe-Sigotik-Kwa Right have been renovated, money in the current budget has been channeled to murraming of Njokerio-Sigotik. Roads such as Mau-Elementaiata, Mazaini-Gatimu, Ikindu in Mau Narok Ward as well as Naishi-Game, Mbagaria-Kilo, Mbagaria-Milimani and Mbagaria-Kappyanet roads in Lare Ward among other feeder roads will be rehabilitated’, said Kairu.

He added street lighting will be installed in various trade centers within the four wards and the lights will be solar powered.

The CEC for Health Nakuru County Mungai Kabii told residents of Njoro Sub-County that the County Government of Nakuru will upgrade health facilities within the area, establish cemeteries and ensure the Beyond Zero Mobile Clinic covers a wider area.

‘We still have space in Njoro Cemetery that can last for two more years, but we are still looking for suitable land. A maternity will established in Kianjoya Health center and Njoro-Sub-County Hospital will be upgraded into a low volume level hospital and an x-ray machine installed’, said Mungai.

On issues of land, Rachel Maina, the CEC for Lands, Physical Planning and Housing said that County Government of Nakuru will strive to solve land issues in Njoro.


‘We will look into the issue of title deeds at Kianjoya’s Kiambogo Block 1 and allocation plots in Njoro trading centre to see how we can help people have title deeds’, noted Racheal.

She added that through Environmental Impact Assessments the County Government of Nakuru has been unable to find suitable land for cemeteries and dump sites as most people are not comfortable with such facilities next to their neighborhoods.

She hinted that the land that was supposed to be used as cemetery in Biafi could be utilized as a landfill as it is so rocky and unfit for a cemetery.

‘The County Government of Nakuru has invested substantially in water projects in Njoro Sub-County and also in the entire County’, said the CEC for Environment, Natural Resources, Energy and Water Richard Rop.

He added, ‘numerous boreholes, water pans and water towers and piping has been done to supply water to Njoro residents. However, we are investing more in the extension of the pipeline, drilling and rehabilitation of more boreholes as well as construction of water pans’.

We are also looking into a way of ensuring that the Sigotic Water dam construction is done. This idea has been proposed by the National Government and Egerton University a number of times and we believe it is time it is actualized.

‘Once operational this dam can supply many parts of Njoro with water at no power costs at all as it is on a higher ground’, said Rop.

He also said the County Government of Nakuru will work with KPLC to ensure there are enough transformers to serve Nakuru County residents. Adding that the government will work with KWS to mitigating human-wildlife conflict in Lare Ward.

The Environment CEC also said garbage trucks schedule will be enhanced to ensure that waste collection is efficient in all trading centres of wards in Njoro Sub-County and will be extended to the entire County.

Meanwhile, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua in a meeting with businessmen from Njoro said his government will continue to support them as this Sub-County is the third in revenue generation to Nakuru County.

‘County Government alone cannot undertake infrastructure development, we need the support of private partners and donor community, help us establish these partnerships and also chip in where you can’, said Governor Mbugua.

He added that public land in Nakuru County is minimal and that the idea of investors buying land was keeping them away from investing in Nakuru. Nonetheless, we are making headway in attracting investors ready to meet the cost of land and soon we will be ground breaking for major investments.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua was also accompanied by CEC for Roads, Public Works and Transport Nakuru County Maina Kairu, CEC for Health Nakuru County Mungai Kabii, CEC for Lands, Physical Planning and Housing Rachel Maina, CEC for Environment, Natural Resources, Energy and Water Richard Rop, MCAs for Mau Narok, Nessuit, Njoro and Lare: Hon. Irungu Gitonga, Hon. Kipkemoi Tonui, Hon. Ezekiel Kungu and Hon. Newton Kabuu respectively among other County Government officials.


Nakuru County Lauded On Its Exemplary ECD Program Efforts

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 7th July, 2015 – The County Government of Nakuru has been commended on its efforts in the improvement of educational programs aimed at furthering Early Childhood Development (ECD).

This was said by Peris Mugo, Assistant National Director of Education during the opening of a three-day National ECD Framework Review Workshop being held in in Nakuru County.

Ms. Mugo said, ‘the County Government of Nakuru is setting an example on how to improve ECD.

“Nakuru County Government has developed infrastructure, feeding programs among other initiatives that will ensure access of education by children. The county governments have a key role to ensure quality ECDE through infrastructure development and hiring of more teachers’, added Mugo.

In reiterating these sentiments, Esther Muiru; Nakuru County Director of Education said that devolution of ECD is a blessing to the country.

‘Formative years of a child are quite critical, an individual is easily lost at this stage, and thus the counties have been given a chance to nurture a strong foundation for their posterity’, said Esther.

Nakuru CEC for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Prof. Catherine Kitetu, noted the importance of ECDE’s being the base for a strong society, thus must be done right.

‘Most parents are not aware of this and we must engage them in sensitization drives in order to achieve holistic development of our children’, said Prof Kitetu. ‘Adding that most vital skills of a person are imparted below the age of six’.

Kitetu affirmed that the County Government of Nakuru is committed to the enhancement of Early Childhood Development by facilitating access to education as this is linked to improve quality of livelihoods one of the key objects of Kenya Vision 2030.


‘Last year (2014) Nakuru County built 150 ECDE good standard classrooms. We are aspiring to build more classes at the same time equipping them with learning and sanitation facilities’, said Kitetu.

She also noted that the County Government of Nakuru is running a school feeding programme that is serving between 4,000-5,000 children per day in Arid and Semi-Arid areas of Nakuru County.

Once in place, the National ECD Policy Framework will provide a road map to enhance access, equity, quality, relevance and governance for Early Childhood Development.

This revision, which brings together government educationists and development partners,
is expected to align the said policy with the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Vision 2030 including other legal frameworks emanating from the new constitution dispensation for the advancement of Early Childhood Development Education.

The document which is to be finalized within a month or two is expected to guide on delivery of education services to the children of 0-8 years by addressing challenges and issues in ECD together with the harmonization of the roles of the National and County Governments in Early Childhood Development.


Nakuru County Govt Kick Off Implementation Of Uhuru Directive On Alcohol

By Jackie Ruto

Local administration have been called upon to effectively implement president’s Uhuru Kenyatta directive on revoking all second generation alcohol licenses without fear of being victimized or threatened.

Elected leaders in Nakuru County led by the Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto said that they are ready to work with the provincial administration and the police in implementing the directive and hand over the report to the president.

‘It’s time we all come together and fight this huge war. We should stop finger pointing and blame games and address this matter as urgent. Alcohol has caused a lot of damage and a danger to our generation. It has caused impotence, blindness among other things. It needs determination, honesty commitment and trust to end this menace,’ said Ruto.

Ruto dismissed reports that the county government is to blame for the increase of number of illicit alcohol, bars and illegal brewers in the county saying that the county has not yet started issuing alcoholic licenses.

‘All licenses being used right now are illegal because we have not issued any. We are awaiting the gazettement of the alcoholic bill which was passed and signed by our county assembly for the county liquor licensing board to be formed. Nobody should threaten to sue you if you revoke their licenses because they are illegal,’ he said.

Other leaders present were Senators Paul Njoroge, James Muigai, MPs Samuel Arama –Nakuru west, David Gikaria- Nakuru East, Joseph Kiuna –Njoro, Jacob Macharia- Molo, Nelson Gaichohie- Subukia, Kimani Ngunjiri- Bahati, Mathenge Ndiritu- Gilgil and the county commissioner Mohammed Birik.

Birik issued a stern warning to all officers including senior police in the county that they will not be spared if alcohol is found in their areas of jurisdiction.

He commended the county government for supporting officers from all level in the fight against illicit brew.

Yesterday, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua praised the directive by the president over second generation brew saying that long term measures in addressing the issue has to be found.

“We have so far closed various liquor outlets in the county and we are seeking for a lasting solution in addressing this issue. We are going to implement the president directive effectively and as fast as required,” he said.


County Govt Seeking Long Term Measures to Deal with Illicit Brew Menace – Governor Mbugua

By Jackie Ruto

Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has admitted that the issue of illicit brews is a major concern in the county.

Speaking while officially opening a three-day county first ladies strategic planning workshop in Sawela lodge Naivasha, Mbugua said that his government had put in strict measures and rules in licensing of bars and liquor factories in the county.

He called for long term measures in addressing the issue and praised the directive by the president over second generation brews.

“We have so far closed various liquor outlets in the county and we are seeking for a lasting solution in addressing this issue,” he said.

He also said that the county has engaged and introduced other activities that the youth can do including sporting activities mostly in the low income areas where many people are idle and fall prey to cheap alcohol.

The governor challenged religious leaders to also intervene and help mentor the youths adding that the liquor problem could not be resolved by the government alone.

He also called on all other leaders to work together in implementing the president’s directive for the good of the country.

‘This war cannot be a one institution concern. It need to be intergrated and approached in a structural way that will be effective. As leaders it’s our duty to see that this directive is implemented effectively,’ he said.

On their part, the County First ladies also raised their concern over a sharp increase in alcohol consumption in nearly all the counties.
A day after the head of state Uhuru Kenyatta revoked second generation drinks licenses, the ladies noted that millions of youths were in danger.

According to the forum chairperson Esther Ruto, the number of youths involved in consumption of illicit brews was worrying.

“As mothers we are concerned by the increase in the consumption of illicit brews and we are calling for deterrent measures to address this menace,” she said.