Governor Mbugua Ground-Breaks a Ksh 1.2 Billion Housing Project in Nakuru County

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 27th June 2015 – Approval for development projects in Nakuru County now takes 30 days or less.

Speaking while officiating the ground-breaking ceremony of a 1.2 billion shilling housing project in Freearea to be known as “Nakuru Meadow” Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua affirmed the commitment of his government in helping developers within the county.

‘We are instituting measures that will ease developers work. Nakuru County has reduced the time taken to get development permits approved, through our Spatial and Urban Development Plans we will be able to services developers with crucial information such as on which zones are the most viable’, said Kinuthia.

The Governor further said that this plan will also assist Nakuru achieve guided development that provides related infrastructure to housing sector such as water, sewers, electricity access roads among others.

‘The demand of affordable and quality middle-income housing units is tremendously increasing in the County. Over 10,000 house units are needed annually to house the population of Nakuru Town which of late has been rapidly growing’, said Governor Mbugua at the project site where 140 middle income housing units will be built on the 13 acre piece of land.

He added, ‘the 2009 population census indicates that the population of Nakuru is 1.8 million people, however, my assessment based on the clustering of people in Nakuru lately by now the population of the county over two million’.


Lauding the Nakuru Meadow initiative as timely to help provide more housing units in Nakuru, the Governor added, ‘currently, every year 2000 units of houses are built in Nakuru leaving a deficiency of 8000 units, what we are witnessing today is the beginning of the reduction of the shortfall and this will also see the enhancement of various infrastructure within the area like sewers, streetlights and security.

Mr. Joe Mungai, the Managing Director Tamarind Properties Ltd, the company that is managing the project commended the commitment of the County Government of Nakuru to development and speedy approval of projects.

‘Your presence here today is a great encouragement to investors such as us, Tamarind Properties and our financial partners, the Pan African Housing Fund, who are headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa and who have come all the way to invest in Nakuru’, said Mungai.

He added, ‘this is the first project that we are undertaking outside Nairobi Metropolis and based on the support we have received from the County Government of Nakuru we are going to do two more projects in this county as soon as we are able to get suitable land of approximately 10-20 acres’.

The representative of the Pan African Housing Ltd, Mr. Okomboli Ong’ong’a said that this project will have economic impacts within Nakuru County.

‘During the construction of these houses 200 jobs will be created, said Okomboli.

This initiative is a partnership of Tamarind Properties, Pan African Housing Fund and the family of Mzee Caleb Muibu, a prominent and respected member of the business fraternity in Nakuru.


Present at the function were Nakuru County Secretary J.M. Motari, Minister for Lands, Physical Planning and Housing, Racheal Maina, Nakuru County Public Service Board Chairman Dr. Waithanji Mutiti, MCA’S among other officials from the County Government of Nakuru.


DP Ruto Assures Nakuru Residents of Enhanced Health Facilities

By Jackie Ruto

nakuru, 26th June 2015 – The recent equipping of two hospitals in Nakuru County with modern medical equipment will now make it easier for resident’s access affordable treatment, deputy president William Ruto has said.

Ruto said that the national government will use Shs. 1.2 billion in equipping the two hospitals, Provincial General Hospital in Nakuru and the Naivasha sub-county.

Speaking in two separate funds drive in Marioshoni Ward, Elburgon and Kambala Secondary School in Molo, Ruto said health has been devolved but the national government is still committed to ensure all Kenyans access health services adequately.

‘These hospitals will support the other health centers and dispensaries in the county and the region. It will also ease the burden of referrals which has been an eye sore to many Kenyans who can’t afford quality medical services for complicated conditions,’ he said.

The Deputy President also called on County governments to put up stores in every ward to be used in the storage of government’s sub-sidized seeds and fertilizers.


He said the move will enable farmers access these vital farm inputs for use that has tremendously increased and encouraged farming in the country.

‘We have so far over 600,000 maize farmers up from only 420,000 and we are expecting this number to grow. This has been encouraged by the availability of seeds and fertilizers which we are now selling at Shs 1,500 only. We urge farmers to continue with this trend and we promise to buy their produce,’ he said.

Ruto said Nakuru County will also have 200 new tarmacked roads by the national government through the relevant authorities.

‘In only one month time a contractor will on site to start works in the Molo – Olenguruone road which has been a topic for many years. This is part of our plan to ensure Nakuru has good road network to facilitate farming and other activities,’ he added.

He commended Nakuru for equal allocation of resources especially to areas like Marioshoni where he said had formerly been marginalized for a long time.

On his part, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua lauded the country’s second in command visit to nakuru which he said showed the national government’s commitment to development.


‘The Jubilee government has given us leaders a chance to change our people’s lives. The development of roads, access to power and hospitals by the national government will enable our people to develop,’ he noted.

He called on the executive to ignore distractors whom he said wanted unnecessary attention and vowed to support the jubilee government in implementing its manifesto.

‘Leave it to us as governors, senators and other elected leaders to deal with these rumor mongers who just want to drag us behind in terms of development. We have come from far and we are not turning back just to please some people,’ he warned.

The Marioshoni funds drive was in aid of improving the conditions of four schools in the area while the Kambala was in aid of acquiring a school bus.

Governor Mbugua commended the people of Molo for maintaining peace.

Present during the functions were deputy governor Joseph Ruto, MPs Jacob Macharia – Molo, Joseph Kiuna- Njoro, Benard Shinari – Ikilomani, Wanjiku Muhia –Nyandarua, Nicholas Gumbo – Rarieda, Senators Liza Chelule – nominated, Stephen Ole Ntutu- Narok and Nakuru County women representative Mary Mbugua.


Matatu Owners Asked to Be Patient as County Organizes the CBD

By Jackie Ruto

NAKURU 17th June 2015 – The County Government of Nakuru has called on matatu operators to be patient as the county is trying to come up with a lasting solution to the congestion and traffic in the town.

Speaking in the county headquarters during a meeting with matatu operator’s chairmen, the county executive for lands, housing and planning Rachael Maina said that traffic in Nakuru is a new phenomenon and a solution has to be found in terms of planning the town.

‘We are having public forums with all the stakeholders in planning which includes the Matatu owners and operators to come up with a 20 year plan for his town. Nakuru town has only one entry point and exit which contributes a lot to traffic and congestion that affects the running of the town’s economy,’ she said.

The Matatu leaders had seek audience with the county officials following the eviction of Matatus from several Sacco’s that were still operating from the CBD including Precious Sacco, Njoro operators Sacco, Njoro line Sacco, Mau- Narok Sacco, Naloki Sacco, Shabab Sacco, prestige shuttle and Northway Sacco.

Through their overall chairman Stephen Muli, they had complained of not being consulted before the eviction took place.

However, the CEC for roads Eng. Mina Kairu said that the county has taken full responsibility of the eviction action.

He said the matter should not be tribalized or politicized in any manner adding that consultative meetings are being held to find an amicable solution.

He also distanced the county from a letter that was showing minutes of a meeting held yesterday at the deputy governor’s office affirming the eviction.

‘The county has an MOU with Matatu operators on issue of consulting which we still value and we’ll use for this matter. Matatu operators should also be aware and careful of intruders who have started to propagate and incite people on any positive plan the county has for the transport industry,’ he said.

Governor’s Speech During the Official Address of the Nakuru County Assembly



Hon. Madam Speaker

Hon. Members of County Assembly

County Executive Members

County Chief Officers

Once again, it is a great honour to address Honorable members of the Nakuru county Assembly today.

The last time I addressed this house was on 20th February, 2014. I remember during that time there were certain bills which this house was in the process of debating, but as we talk now those bills have already been assented into law namely:

  • The Nakuru county Finance Act of 2014
  • The Nakuru County Agricultural Development Fund Act 30thOctober, 2014
  • The Nakuru County Vetting and Appointment of Public Officers (County Assembly Approval Act, 30th October, 2014
  • The Nakuru county Entertainment and Amenities Act, 24thNovember, 2014
  • The Nakuru County Vocational and Technical (Polytechnic Act, 17th November, 2014.
  • The Nakuru Alcoholic Drinks Act, 14th January, 2015.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

I am aware that this house is in the process of scrutinizing other bills, which very soon will be assented into law, for instance:

  • The Nakuru County Betting, Gaming and Lotteries bill 2014
  • The Nakuru County Nuisance bill, 2014
  • The Nakuru County Zoning and Parking bill, 2014
  • The Nakuru county Assembly Service bill, 2014
  • The Nakuru County Revenue Administration bill, 2014
  • The Nakuru County Water bill, 2014.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

Let me on my behalf and the whole Executive thank and congratulate Members of this house for working tirelessly and round the clock to ensure that our County has the necessary Acts for operation.


Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

It is important to note that our Government’s main focus is on Service delivery to our people.  For  almost two years we have been in office, together we have achieved a lot in various sectors for instance:-

In Education, we are all in agreement that 147 ECDE classrooms have been constructed in an attempt to improve the quality of education to our young children.  Despite the fact that Education is not fully devolved, we cannot sit back and wait to see our children drop out of the learning Institutions.  As a result we have provided bursary to the needy students to a tune of Ksh. 110 million and in the 2015/2016 financial year we have proposed Ksh.110 million for bursaries.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

It is worthy to note that in 2015/2016 budget estimates Kshs. 855 million has been proposed for construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads within our County. Today we can proudly say that an estimate of 2000 kms of road network have been rehabilitated within our County.  This has made it easy for our farmers to take their produce to the market with ease.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

The Health of our people remains a major focus of our Government.  In 2014/2015 financial year, Kshs. 3.8 billion had been allocated to the Department of Health.  In 2015/2016 financial year Kshs. 3.7 billion has been proposed to the Department of Health.  These funds will be used for service delivery as well as purchase drugs, medical equipment, Institutional appliances and strengthening of referral systems.  This funding accounts for 9.6 % of the total budget.

It is also important to note that, through our collaboration with the National Government Mobile Clinic has been donated to our Government through beyond zero campaign programme.  Soon I will be launching four Amulances which have been donated by WHO (World Health Organization) in recognition for the Department of Health to strengthen Referral Systems within the County.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

In the financial year 2014/2015 Kshs. 157 million had been allocated to the Department of Agriculture. In 2015/2016 financial year Kshs. 297 million has been proposed to the same Department.

With the guidance of the Act that this house has passed i.e. the Nakuru County Agricultural Development Fund Act 2014) our people will benefit in terms of dairy farming, Green house farming, pyrethrum revival value addition among others.

It is also worthy to note that last year we provided our farmers with fertilizers, and seeds although the yield were affected by severe drought and the maize Lethal Necrosis Disease.  We have also advised our farmers to ensure that they are not exploited by the middle men by packing their potatoes at 50kg despite the challenges they are facing.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

Our Government is aware of the land issues affecting our people.  To this end, our Government recently unveiled the Nakuru Land Management Board.  This Board will deal with the issues concerning public land and public utilities.  The Board is also expected to look for solutions for perennial land problems in our County.

It is also worth to note that in 2015/2016 financial year a total of Kshs. 175 million has been proposed to the Department of Lands, Physical Planning and Housing.  The money will be used in renovating and rehabilitating the still pending estates e.g. Flamingo, Lumumba, Kivumbini among others.  Recently, we launched Construction of roads, drainage, sewerage in Rhoda, Kaptembwa and Gilani under World Bank funded project and Kenya Informal Settlement improved project (KISIP).  I am happy to report that the project is proceeding on well.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

Let affirm that our Government is very much aware of the crucial role a healthy environment plays for the development of our County.  In the financial year 2015/2016 a total of Ksh. 416 million has been proposed to the Department of Environment, Natural Resource, Energy and Water.  So far 21 major water projects have been carried our within our County. Out of these 7 dams have been constructed, 11 water boreholes rehabilitated.

We are also in engagement with Baringo and Nyandarua Counties to share water resources.  Also we are working with the National Government to ensure that Itare Dam is complete which will supply water to our County.

Let me also affirm that in few weeks’ time, we are going to commission a plant that will use waste at Gioto dumpsite to generate electricity and biodiesel.  The necessary arrangement for the same are almost complete.

In the year 2014/2015 the Department has planted over 400 trees within the County although most of them were affected by severe drought.  In 2015/2016 our Government has put in place climate change mitigation strategy to enhance 10% of the National tree cover


Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

Through the Department of Trade, Industrialization & Tourism our Government supported construction of markets Ihindu, Muchorwe and the recent one I commissioned in Maai Mahiu market which is fully operational.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

Let me thank all the Honourable members for the support and co-operation they showed during the decongestion of Nakuru CBD.

As a result, Wakulima market has been completed and over 3000 trader’s allocated stalls.  Over 5000 hawkers have been relocated to areas outside Nakuru town CBD where they have permanent stalls.

With a total of Kshs. 167 million proposed to the Department of Trade in 2015/2016 financial year, our Government will be able to rehabilitate the existing markets and those which were formerly under the Economic Stimulus Programme.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

To enable the Department of ICT and e-Government discharge its mandate at a total of Kshs. 59 million has been proposed to the Department in 2015/2016 financial year.

As a result our government will continue implementing the integrated financial management information system (IFMIS) in accordance with Public Finance Management Act.

The Department is also in the process of building ICT infrastructures in the County which will enable sharing of information in the Sub-Counties.  Despite the fact that the Department is charged with the implementation of all ICT projects, it remains under funded.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

I am happy to report that the County Government has completed putting up of County structures.  We now have Sub-county Administrators, their Deputies and Ward Administrators in place who represent the government in the devolved units at the grassroots.


Madam Speaker, Hon. Members,

As I conclude, on the issue of budgetary allocation I wish to beg the indulgence on the following critical areas.

(a)      Ward resource envelope is now Kshs. 30 million which I request that you reduce it to Kshs. 25 million to allow us equip the already build ECD classrooms, ECD teachers as well as equip and staff the many health centres we have build

(b)      I request to employ teachers at the Polytechnic Schools which are now fully devolved as from 1st July, 2016.

(c)      The pressure is enormous on the need to maintain our major towns in this County and any saving from the already submitted estimates will go a long way in helping the Executive in executing its mandate.

Finally, let me thank all the Honourable members, Members of the Executive and the public in general for the support we have received from them as well as upholding peace in our County. Let’s work together for the benefit of our people.

God bless Kenya

God bless Nakuru County



Peace is Paramount for Sustainable Development – Governor Mbugua

By Jackie Ruto

NAKURU 13th June 2015 – Continued peace efforts is the only way to have sustainable development in the country, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has said.

Mbugua said that the country and especially Nakuru county has made remarkable strides towards peace existence which needs to be nurtured.

Speaking in Mau-Narok ward in Njoro Sub-county during his ward projects visit, Mbugua commended Kenyans for embracing each other and for understanding the importance of peace in the country.

‘Am so impressed by the way Kenyans are embracing each other. A while ago, a bar brawl between two drunkards could spark a fierce tribal or communal differences but now Kenyans will just dismiss such and not stereotype the issue to cause panic. This is commendable,’ he said.

At the same time the governor called on youth to use technology to find jobs online.

He said many companies nowadays advertise for positions online unlike it used to be on newspapers adding that some of the jobs advertised can even be done at the comfort of their homes.

‘The national government has embraced ICT in almost all of its operations which is also the same case in the county governments. The era of waiting for positions advertised in papers is long gone so I urge all youth to use technology to apply for positions and even contracts,’ he advised.




Mbugua also cautioned the youth not to use the excuse of lack of funds for unemployment.

He said the national and county governments have introduced youth friendly programs to enable the youth access funds and be able to develop themselves.

The youth enterprise development fund and the Uwezo fund, he said, should be utilized to the maximum by the youth.

The governor called on farmers in potato growing areas in the county to support the county in the bid to implement the new potato packaging law which recommends 50kg packaging.

Mbugua commissioned three water projects including Mathangauta, Gatimu and Segutiet water projects and commissioned a ten bed capacity maternity in Kianjoya.




Embrace the Beyond Zero Mobile Clinic for Holistic Health Care: Nakuru County First Lady

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 12nd June 2015 – Women in Nakuru County have been urged to embrace the Beyond Zero Mobile Clinic in order to access free quality maternal health care services.

Speaking Thursday when she toured Keringet, Amolo and Tinet Wards in Kuresoi South Sub-county, Nakuru County First Lady, Lucia Mbugua asked women to come out in large numbers as services were being taken closer to them at no cost at all.

‘Today this Clinic is here at Ogiek Dispensary, Tinet Ward and the whole of next week it will go to other health facilities in additional wards of Kuresoi South. For instance on 17th and 19th of June, the mobile clinic will be in Taita and Kiptagich respectively’, said Ms. Mbugua.

She lauded this initiative by the country’s First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta is a well thought and timely for reducing maternal mortality rates not only in Nakuru but in the entire country.


‘Therefore we strongly support the clarion call of Ms. Kenyatta that no woman should die while giving birth’, said Nakuru County First Lady.

Ms. Mbugua also said that not only maternal care is being given by the mobile clinic under the auspices of Beyond Zero Campaign, people are also being seen for outpatient services, VCTs, family planning, breast, cervical and prostate cancer screenings, child welfare clinics as well as prenatal and antenatal care.


‘Today here at the Ogiek Dispensary, 278 have been offered general outpatient services; 148 HIV testing and counseling; 15 family planning; 20 screened for cervical cancer; 35 children welfare clinic; 33 prostate cancer testing and 6 antenatal care. In total 538 people have accessed quality free medical services in a single day’, said Ms. Mbugua.

‘Prevalence of cancer in our county is increasing, but with early detection cancer can be cured, thus we are asking all of you here today to take advantage of the free screenings through this mobile clinic’, said the Nakuru First Lady.

She added, ‘we advise men not to shy away from the prenatal care, accompany your spouses and also get tested for HIV/AIDS. Even if you are found positive that is not the end of life, today advances in Medicare have given patients of any malady new lease of life so long as they are willing to access health services’, said Ms. Mbugua.

Ms. Mbugua has coalesced a team of women comprising spouses of senior officials in the County Government of Nakuru, and those of some MPs representing various Sub-Counties in Nakuru as well as professional women such as Doctors, Nurses and Counsellors among others who together visit wards according services that go a long way in improving quality of lives.

Among the items this group does is donation of sanitary towels and underpants to school girls boys from the less fortunate families.




‘Some girls miss classes a lot during their periods and as they are absent missing out on syllabus coverage, they result to unhygienic measures that endanger their health and that is why are here today to give our girls sanitary towels’, said Ms. Mbugua when she donated sanitary towels and underpants to girls in Bararget and Kiptulwa Primary Schools in Keringet Ward, additionally to Ogiek Primary in Tinet Ward.

Health facilities in the aforesaid wards are being expanded and more staff recruited in order to serve the people better.

‘Dr. Samuel Mwaura, the Chief Officer Health Services said, ‘money has been allocated for the expansion of Keringet Health Centre and Ogiek Dispensary as well as for staffing these two health facilities’.


‘After this alleviation we expect improvement in the quality of service delivery as has happened with the Olenguruone Sub-County hospital. After equipping this hospital, referrals have greatly reduced’, added the Dr. Mwaura.

MCA Keringet Ward, Hon. Leah Serem who also accompanied the Nakuru County First Lady said that County Government of Nakuru is committed to improving ECDEs and polytechnics in Nakuru.




‘In the financial year 2016/17, we are planning to allocate funds for the construction of a polytechnic in Bararget Village, Keringet Ward’, said Serem.

Ms. Mbugua together with the MCA said that they have noted with a lot of concern the status of the classes in Bararget Primary School and promised to initiative efforts to help improve the situation.

‘Development starts with you and me, lets unite together behind our leaders for us bring all-inclusive development to the grass-roots of our county’, said Ms. Mbugua.

She also urged residents of Kuresoi South to observe good hygiene especially with drinking water.

‘Nakuru County in the recent past has had to deal with bouts of Cholera, and we can all help prevent this disease by ensuring we boil drinking water’, said Nakuru County First Lady.

‘There are several critical things I have observed in my visit, on some of the things, I will pass your message to H.E. Kinuthia Mbugua, the Governor of the County Government of Nakuru. And a number of the issues we will uptake with my group’, said Ms. Mbugua.

Those who accompanied Ms. Lucia Mbugua include the spouse to the Deputy Governor, Alice Ruto, the spouse to County Secretary Joseph Motari among others as well as Chief Officer, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Joseph Tonui together with other officials and MCAs.


Devolution and Sharing of Resources is the Cure to Conflict – Governor Mbugua

By Communication Team

NAKURU 11TH June 2015 – Devolution and sharing of resources equally and equitably is the cure for conflict in the country H.E. Kinuthia Mbugua has said.

He said that land and community conflicts in Nakuru country had reduced drastically since the new mode of governance came into place.

Speaking at a breakfast meeting Thursday in Naivasha with a group of visiting security experts drawn from different parts of the world Governor Mbugua said devolution had transformed the country with residents getting better and quicker services.

“We have made huge strides under devolution and our visitors are impressed by the devolved system of government and this visit is very significant. Before the country was polarized based on tribal and religion lines but under the devolved system this has been addressed,” he said.

On their part the security experts drawn from different parts of the world praised the countrys stability and economic prosperity.


Despite suffering from various terror attacks, the group identified Kenya among African states that had transformed and made gains in democracy in the last two decades.
The team which is similar to the National Defense College (NDC) is composed of experts from Europe, US, Far East, Asia and Africa is in the country studying the future of stability in the African continent.

Group leader Jeremy Jarvis said that the African continent had made impressive progress since the 90s.

He noted that though there were some pockets of insecurity in the region and mainly around Somalia there was economic and social stability.

“Insecurity is still a challenge to many countries but as a team we are impressed by the strides made in Kenya in terms of security, devolution and development,” he said.
Jarvis who is also a senior directing staff at the Royal College of Defense studies said that the team would also visit Uganda as part of its studies.


“We are impressed by Kenya’s impressive performance in various fields and insecurity is a global challenge and the community needs to chip in to address this vice,” he said.
Governor Mbugua was full of praise for the visit by the delegation noting that this was a demonstration of confidence in the county and country at large.

Among those present during the meeting were the County Assembly Speaker Hon. Susan Kihika, County Commissioner Mohammed Birik and several members of the county executive.

Nakuru Youth to Get Commercial Infrastructure

By Jackie Ruto

NAKURU 11th June 2015 – Over 100 youth in Nakuru County will benefit from commercial infrastructure (kiosks) from the Youth Enterprise Development Fund.

The kiosks will be built in Naivasha, Gilgil, Nakuru town and Njoro.

Speaking in his office during a with the Youth Enterprise Development Fund board, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said the infrastructure will go a long way in linking young people to markets.

‘Visibility of the youth agenda is evident. Such a program is worthwhile and gives youth the opportunity to exhibit their wares decently and we fully support it,’ he said.

The Youth Fund CEO Catherine Namuye said they are also going to put up green houses and hatcheries for the youth in the county through the funds where youth are going to repay after a period of time.

She said that there are many areas of entrepreneurship where youth can venture and the fund is ready to support.

‘We need to derive the perception that all jobs are hard and encourage youth to diversify their entrepreneurship. The youth fund will also support counties that are driving the youth agenda forward in the same,’ she said.

The Governor also called on the board to explore other grounds like helping youth patent their products which he said was vital in modern world of technology.

He said the county will also set up a recording studio in the coming financial year to support the growing number of talents and artists in nakuru.

‘Nakuru has over 1000 artists who would like to record their songs and most of them would like to be helped. Instead of that, why don’t we have a county recording studio where they are going to record for free?’ he posed.

The governor also called on the board to furnish youth with information especially in the grassroots level where most of them are unaware of the benefits they can get from this funds.

Nakuru county commissioner Mohammed Birik who was also in the meeting said that the national government has started training youth who are going to engage in “Nyumba Kumi” initiative.

‘We are targeting 100,000 youth who are going to be watch dogs of the society through “Nyumba Kumi” because we have realized that youth needs to be involved in matters of law and order and also security,’ he said.


Nakuru to Benefit From Medical Waste Treatment Equipment

By Jackie Ruto

NAKURU 11th 2015 – Nakuru County is among counties set to benefit from medical waste treatment equipment from the Kingdom of Belgium.

According to the Belgium ambassador Roxane de Bilderling, the equipment will be utilized in handling hazardous medical waste efficiently in hospitals around the county.

Speaking in the Governor’s office Wednesday, ambassador Roxane said that other equipment to benefit Nakuru residents include laboratory and X-ray facilities.

‘We also have county inter-connectivity project in the ICT sector where the intention will be to connect Kenyans in rural areas to the central government,’ she said.

The Belgium delegation was in the county to explore areas where they can collaborate with Nakuru in driving the development agenda forward.

While welcoming them, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said the county has huge potential for partnership on aspects of economic growth.

Some of the potential areas, he said, are in the flower industry, value addition in potatoes, tomatoes and carrots among others.

He said the County produces a massive 500,000 tons of potatoes annually but noted that the quality of the potatoes is yet to reach the required for export thus the need to partner with Belgium in improving the seed to better the quality.

‘We are keen in enhancing our acreage production to its maximum. We can also partner in dehydration of vegetables and other foods for export in our neighboring countries like Somalia,’ he said.

Ambassador Roxane commended the county on its achievement for the two years of devolution and termed the strides as attractive.

She called on the local leadership to engage more in peace building efforts and initiatives to avoid a comeback of any tribal or political differences in the country.

On his part the governor said the healing process of Nakuru residents and Kenyans as a nation after the 2007-2008 post-election violence has been remarkable.

‘The journey hasn’t been an easy one but through peace committees, churches, NGOs and other stake holders in peace we have been able to build and maintain peace. As a county, our continued equity in the sharing of our resources is another addition to the prevailing peace,’ said the governor.

Also present during the meeting was the Nakuru county commissioner Mohammed Birik who added that substantial amount of IDPs in the county have been resettled.


Nakuru County Budget and Economic Forum Launched

By Jackie Ruto

NAKURU, 9th June 2015 – The Nakuru County Budget and Economic Forum has officially been launched today.

The forum, which is established under article of the Public Finance Management Act, will link the county government to residents on issues of government spending through the budget.

Speaking during the launch, Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said such a forum is an important tool in realizing the county’s annual development plan and also the strategic plan.

“I call upon this forum to understand the aspirations of the residents of nakuru in order to synchronize their priorities in the budget making process.” he said.

Mbugua said members of the public should also be engaged and give their input in the budget cycle which is an important process in budget making.

“It is important to understand some challenges that policy formulation of any institution faces. Wananchi normally want to be involved in decision making but at times when you want their input on a particular time, it becomes elusive while it is them who seriously accuse you of not involving them. How to overcome the challenges is therefore the task of this forum.” he said.

The governor also called on the forum to review the past budgets and their implementation as well as to appraise themselves on all road maps documents like the development plan and strategic plan to ensure they are focused.

The forum was formed under the guidelines of the Commission On Revenue Allocation.

Rose Osoro who is a CRA commissioner said that 25 counties already have established their own forums.

‘The purpose of the forum is to provide a means for consultation by the county government on matters relating to budgeting, economy and financial management,’ she said.

The forum made up of the county executive led by the governor, non-state members including Federation of Kenya employees, Chambers of Commerce, Kenya manufacturers association, Nakuru Business Association, Central Organisation of Trade Union and Maendeleo Ya Wanawake.

Osoro called on the members of the forum to speak in one voice in pushing the county’s priorities forward.

The governor also commended the county assembly for the leadership role they have continued to offer in the budget cycle and called on further consultation as the county continue to plan and implement the budget process.