Over 16,000 Nakuru Students to Receive Bursary in 3rd Phase

NAKURU, Kenya 30th April 2015 – Over 49,000 students in Nakuru have benefited from the Nakuru county bursary program in the last two years.

Speaking during a bursary disbursement ceremony in the county headquarters, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has said that this number represents a 10th of enrolled students in the county.

He noted that the disbursement has contributed in improving and increasing access to education which is a fundamental right in the constitution.

‘This program has also a high impact socially, economically and politically in the society and it has also played a key role in retaining students in schools which impacts on the education standards in the county,’ he said.


The governor reiterated the need for the county to improve education standards despite education being a core area of the national government adding that nakuru county will continue to support education.

‘We must work towards building a literate society. Enhancing and sustaining quality education is difficult but we are determined and through a program like this we will achieve,’ the governor said.

On this third phase of the disbursement, 16,907 students from all over the county will benefit from the bursary funds.

They include needy students from primary, secondary, special schools, driving schools and university level.

The CEC for Education Prof. Catherine Kitetu called on parents of needy students to take advantage of this program to educate their children.

A total of Shs 55M was disbursed and each ward will get SHS 1M each for the program.