Peace in Nakuru Contributing to Key Developments; Governor Mbugua

NAKURU, Kenya 30th April 2015 – High development rate in Nakuru County is due to the prevailing peace and harmony in Nakuru, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has said.

According to Mbugua, Nakuru County has made commendable strides in building peace and harmony in the once volatile area that was known countrywide to be a town full of tribalism.

‘Tribalism in Nakuru is a thing of the past. We have learnt to solve our differences through dialogue and not physical confrontations,’ he said.

Speaking during his ward visit to Kamara ward in Kuresoi North, Mbugua said the prevailing peace in the County of Nakuru has contributed more in the attraction of investors locally and internationally adding that the value of property has also gone up tremendously.

‘People used to fear coming to nakuru but right now even getting a piece of land in nakuru is difficult,’ he noted.

He commended Nakuru residents for accommodating each other and maintaining peace.

The governor was conducting his weekly ward development tour in the Kamara, commissioned two water projects, (Milimani and Kamara water projects), Kiptenden Polytechnic and issued driving licenses to 20 youths.

He noted that the now qualified drivers have been empowered adding that there is a lot of opportunities in driving.

While promising supply of power to the polytechnic, governor Mbugua urged the residents of Kamara Ward to make use of the polytechnic to advance their knowledge in different fields of technical trainings.
He also called on the local leadership and the security team to make sure these projects are taken care of to avoid vandalism.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua commisioning a water tank in Kamara


County Sec. J. Motari with Governor Kinuthia Mbugua presenting one of the desks Governor donated to the polytechnic

‘We shall waste a lot of money if we do not take care of this projects that will benefit us. We should own them because they are ours,’ he said.

He also called on residents to work with their leaders adding that this is not the time for politics but development.

On the issue of a bypass construction in Total area of Mau-Summit by a Chinese company, where hundreds of people will be displaced, Mbugua called on them to be patient as talks are being carried out by the relevant authorities urging them not to be hostile because the project will benefit all of them.

Over 16,000 Nakuru Students to Receive Bursary in 3rd Phase

NAKURU, Kenya 30th April 2015 – Over 49,000 students in Nakuru have benefited from the Nakuru county bursary program in the last two years.

Speaking during a bursary disbursement ceremony in the county headquarters, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has said that this number represents a 10th of enrolled students in the county.

He noted that the disbursement has contributed in improving and increasing access to education which is a fundamental right in the constitution.

‘This program has also a high impact socially, economically and politically in the society and it has also played a key role in retaining students in schools which impacts on the education standards in the county,’ he said.


The governor reiterated the need for the county to improve education standards despite education being a core area of the national government adding that nakuru county will continue to support education.

‘We must work towards building a literate society. Enhancing and sustaining quality education is difficult but we are determined and through a program like this we will achieve,’ the governor said.

On this third phase of the disbursement, 16,907 students from all over the county will benefit from the bursary funds.

They include needy students from primary, secondary, special schools, driving schools and university level.

The CEC for Education Prof. Catherine Kitetu called on parents of needy students to take advantage of this program to educate their children.

A total of Shs 55M was disbursed and each ward will get SHS 1M each for the program.

400M Ksh to Deal with Nakuru Water Crisis

NAKURU, Kenya 29th April 2015 – Water crisis in Nakuru county will be a thing of the past following the allocation of over Shs. 400M to the water sector in the next financial year budget, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has said.

Speaking while officially opening a water project in Maela ward in Naivasha, Mbugua said water issue has been a big challenge in Nakuru County and there was need to increase the allocation as one way of dealing with the crisis.

‘Last year we allocated Shs 196M to the water sector but we were still faced with shortages which led to the rationing of the water and also the need to find long term measures. This increment in the budget is just one of the long term measures,’ he said.

The governor noted the importance of water in poverty reduction and improvement of health in the society saying that the county through the ministry of environment, water, energy and natural resources will find solutions to deal with the high level of fluoride in the water project launched yesterday.

‘Our aim is to not only provide water to our people but clean and quality water that will not affect the health of our people in any way,’ noted Mbugua.

He also added that the water coverage which stood at 53% last year has improved to 72% following the short term measures the county undertook in the last few months.


Mbugua regretted the reported suspected cases of cholera in Nakuru town terming it as unfortunate.

He however assured the residents of the county that health officers are vigilant on the issue adding that clean water will also contribute to the fight against water borne diseases.

At the same time, Governor Mbugua called on residents to appreciate devolution which he said has brought development to mwananchi’s doorstep.

‘Through devolution we are seeing the light and now we are able to participate fully and eradicate poverty.

Am sure everyone can attest to the fact that the development rate in our areas has risen compared to two years ago when all development responsibilities befell the national government,’ he observed.

The Shs 12M water project dubbed the Moindabi Development Empowerment Initiative was initiated five years ago by development partners from New Zealand with the aim of creating self-reliance in the community by supporting small-scale farming.

John Blaiklock who heads the project said they are ready to work with the County Government of Nakuru in providing water to each household.

While calling for the unity of the people living in that area, Governor Mbugua said the county will contribute Shs 5M toward the same project for extension.

‘This water project should bring everyone together. How can you have differences whereas you are using the same source of water,’ he posed.

The water project was also officially handed over to the county for maintenance, a move that the CeC for Environment, Water and Natural Resources Richard Rop applauded and assured the residents that they will work together to see that the project is sustained.


Sand Harvesting Ban Lifted in Mai Mahiu.

Naivasha, Kenya 28th April 2015 – More than 3000 youths harvesting sand in Satellite area, Maai-Mahiu in Naivasha Sub-County have a reason to smile again after the County government of Nakuru lifted the sand harvesting ban.

The ban was lifted following reconciliation meeting spearheaded by Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua between two rival groups; Oloserian self help group and M6 self help. 

It was tears of joy and dance for the youths as they received the news from Governor Mbugua lifting the sand harvesting ban which for the last one week has rendered the youths jobless.

“We are glad as the county government to lift the sand ban and I know it’s a happy day for these youths and families who rely on the sand business,” Mbugua said. 

The governor noted the two groups would work together in harmony and foster peace. He also urged them to work together as per their agreement.

On his part Naivasha MP John Kihagi appealed to the youths to form co-operatives unions for them to benefit from economic endeavours.

Others who were present included Naivasha Sub-County commissioner Abraham Kemboi and Maai Mahiu MCA Stephen Ng’ethe.

Meanwhile Governor Mbugua has dismissed the ‘Okoa Kenya’ movement which is calling for a referendum and termed the move as ‘misplaced.’

He said it was not possible to have a referendum since majority of Kenyans voted for President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto in a triumph of democracy.

“It’s misplaced for those calling for a referendum and we are asking the opposition to give the Jubilee government a chance to work and allow them to deliver its promises” Mbugua said.


Devolution is Working; Governor Mbugua

NAKURU, Kenya 27th April 2015 – Kenyans are enjoying the fruits of devolution a sign that devolution is working, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has said.

Speaking during a church funds drive Talent Church in Elburgon yesterday, Mbugua said that the current projects done and completed within the two years County governments have been in place is evidence enough that devolution is the way to go. 

“Lets not take this projects for granted. There is a lot of difference since devolution started and Kenyans in all corners are seeing the difference, “he said.

The governor at the same time called on the unity of all lessee’s in Nakuru county saying that they should work together despite their personal differences or political alienations.

“We cannot progress when our efforts are apart. We need each other because our unity will make a difference to our people, ” noted the governor.

He also urged the society to play its role in development including keeping good hygiene and sanitation to avoid disease break outs which he termed as a challenge in development.

Mbugua commended churches and other religious organizations, which work towards improving the lives of the less fortunate in the society.

The funds drive organized by Talent Church was to aid the construction of an outreach center.

The church undertakes many activity including taking care of orphans.

Governor Mbugua made a contribution of 100,000 Ksh. Also present was the Deputy County secretary Geoffrey Kioko, CeC health Dr. Muigai Kabii among other leaders.

Governor Mbugua sentiments comes barely a week after the end of the second annual Devolution Conference where many Kenyans said they were happy with devolution because most government service are now closer to them.


Key Policies to Cushion Investors On the Way ; Governor Mbugua

NAKURU, Kenya 26th April – The County Government is working on policies to ease the setting up and operations of investments in Nakuru, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has said.

Speaking while opening the Royal Group Industries, a tank and pipes manufacturing company in Nakuru, Governor Mbugua said that the policies include the local tax regime which he said will not disadvantage industries or any other investments coming to the County.

The governor noted that security has played a big role in attracting investors in Nakuru.

‘The environment of security and safety within the county which makes investments opportunities very conducive and our vast skilled work force and abundant labor are some of the advantages that Nakuru has in attracting investors’, he said.

Mbugua however called on investors to diversify their investments to match the growing need for other products that are not agricultural, adding that investors should diversify into value addition of agricultural produce or industrialize the economy to tertiary level to bring about the social economic reform and empowerment.


‘Such industries like the one we are opening here today are of high significance in the aspect of value addition because its through water tanks that we can extend and avail domestic water but also enhance activities in industries and other forms of agriculture’, governor Mbugua added.

He observed that the industry was timely in the county noting the water shortage that has been experienced in the past and the investment will encourage water harvesting.

He noted that the industry is a high impact one that touches on all aspects of the economy of the county because various issues will be addressed including health matters adding that more than 50% of diseases are caused due to lack of water and poor sanitation.

‘By bringing this industry here you are helping us solve many health issues because through this tanks we will soon see our mortality rates going down because most of the mortality cases are due to lack of clean water’, said Mbugua.


Mbugua also expressed his commitment and support to investors by providing a good investment environment adding that all sectors should work in cooperation to see the county grow to modern standards.

He said the county has many other ambitious programs that are intended to raising the status of the county including the Kenya informal sector improvement program(KISIP) in major towns in the county, a master plan to ease traffic in Nakuru which is almost being implemented and the availability of water through the Chemususu Dam in Baringo and Itare Dam in Olenguruone.

The factory is part of Royal Group of Companies with other investments including real estate among others in Nakuru. It has the capacities to manufacture more than 100 water tanks per day and is consider the largest of its kind in the region. It also manufactures HDPE Pipes, PPR Pipes, Conduit Pipes, Waste Pipes UPVC Pressure Pipes.

Governor K. Mbugua Royal Group's Sheikh Taher Dawoodbhai, Royal Group Industries GM Tom Oyier and CeC Finance Francis Mathea in cap

Also present during the opening was Nakuru west MP Samuel Arama, Nakuru County Secretary Joseph Motari among other county leaders officials.


County Government Rescues Detained Baby Jeremy

NAKURU, Kenya 15th April 2015 – The County Government of Nakuru today came to the rescue of a baby detained at a local hospital due to an accrued bill, days after the media highlighted her plight.

Ms. Olivia Osidiana and her newborn son had been detained at the War Memorial Hospital due to the bill that accumulated to a total of 591,068 Ksh which was cleared by Governor Kinuthia Mbugua’s Emergency Kitty.

The County team was led by County Secretary Joseph Motari and County Assembly Speaker Hon. Susan Kihika to clear baby Jeremy’s bill, who had been detained at the facility since December last year.

County Assembly Speaker Hon. Susan Kihika, County Secretary Joseph Motari, handing over the the chque to Matron Patrica Musale

Motari said the county through the kitty stepped in to help after learning challenges that faced the family in clearing the bill that was increasing every day.

“The county government is obliged to ensure her people are healthy, this is why it has stepped in to pay for the entire bill of the baby to allow him have time with her mother,” said Motari.

Hon. Kihika said the County Assembly is determined to ensure they pass laws aimed at improving maternal and health sector to ensure all residents access to medical facilities.

The child had been delivered through Caesarian Section at the hospital, but the newborn developed complications, which required medical attention before he was discharged.

Ms. Osidiana embraced by family members was full of joy as she left the facility and thanked the county for the assistance.

The mother who hails from RaceCourse Estate in Nakuru town also thanked the hospital administration and nurses for handling the child in a friendly manner despite the circumstances and the services they were offered.


County Government Shuts Down Killer Butchery, Owner being Sort

NAKURU, Kenya 15th April 2015 – The Nakuru Department of Health Services has closed down a butchery suspected to have sold infected meat that led to the death of 3 people while six have been hospitalised.

County Officers led by the County Secretary Joseph Motari and the County Executive for Health Dr. Muigai Kabii closed down Kima Butchery located in Kenlands area after reports emerged that they sold the meat suspected to be from a cow which died under mysterious circumstances.

Dr. Muigai said that the premises will remain closed until investigations are complete and the culprits who are on the run, are arrested.

“We are calling on residents to forward information on this case to enable us arrest the people behind this because they have caused loss of lives.” said Muigai.

Muigai cautioned members of the public against buying or taking meat from unknown vendors and sources saying that this might also pose a danger to their lives.

On his part the Motari said the County Government will follow up on the matter and other cases to safeguard people’s health.

He noted with concern how peoples’ ignorance can cause loss of lives saying that justice must be done and culprits brought to book.

It is alleged that the owner of the butchery bought the carcass from a farmer in Rhonda Estate who is said to have instructed them to dispose the meat.

The workers are said to have prepared soup and ‘muturas’ from the meat that unfortunately led to the death of 3 people.

One of the victims was a worker in the butchery.

Rotten 10kg Meat Seized.

Meanwhile in a relate incidence, Public health officers in Nakuru today seized over 10 kilograms of meat unfit for human consumption.

Acting on a tip off, the officers led by Nakuru County Public Health officer Samuel King’ori raided a shop within the Central Business District which sells meat products and found uninspected meat stored in a deep freezer.

Traders at Bellion House where the meat was seized had a difficult time attending to their customers due to a foul smell from the business.

The meat was packed in bread crates and stored in a deep freezer.

County Health officer in charge of Food hygiene Samuel Nyakambi said that the business owner Wilfred Mbuthia Kabugi was arrested and will be charged for contravening the food, drugs and chemical substances act cap 254.

He noted that the trader did not have a food transport license as required by law.

Nyakambi called on those involved in food business to ensure that they obtain all the licenses to avoid themselves in the wrong side of the law.

He said that they are yet to ascertain the origin of the meat.

The officer said that they will close down food related businesses whose owners contravene the law.

Nyakambi said that the move is also in line with the department’s endeavor to prevent outbreak of hygiene related diseases like cholera, dysentery and typhoid.

He said that they have served notices to those selling food in open places to stop or face arrest.

Governor Mbugua Condemns Attack on County Staff

By Jackie Ruto

NAKURU, Kenya 8th April 2015 – Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has called for the immediate arrest of Nakuru East Member of Parliament following the attack of four county reinforcement officers by a group of people who are allegedly allied to the MP.

The governor also took issue with the police whom he said were not taking their responsibilities seriously thus contributing to the increase of insecurity.

Speaking after visiting the officers who are recuperating in a private hospital in Nakuru, the stern looking Mbugua termed the incident as unfortunate and shocking adding that it is sad for a law maker to break the very law that safeguards the security of Kenyans.

‘This is not acceptable because nobody is above the law and the legislator should answer for this. Where do Wananchi run to if the people to guard them behave like this? Am so disappointed and immediate action should be taken.”

The officers who managed to speak to the press said they were conducting the demolition of illegal makeshifts in town when a group of people that was allegedly led by the MP attacked them with crude weapons.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua next to the damaged County Vehicle

He said the attackers chased after them even when they ran for safety and kicked them mercilessly with the MP allegedly encouraging them.

“They hit us with metal bars and stones while shouting at us that we cannot stop them,” a hurting George Ng’ang’a said.
The governor later visited the Nakuru police station where the county vehicle that was being used by the reinforcement officers was attacked and its windows smashed.
“How can an intruder enter a police station and destroy public property which has been put here for safety? Where were the police when all this was taking place in their compound?” he asked.

He vowed that the officers will continue to do their work without intimidation as required by law.