Use Companies Set Up in Nakuru as Benchmarks; Deputy Ruto

NAKURU, Kenya 31st March 2015 – Nakuru County Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto has urged potential investors from both international and local level to visit Nakuru for tours of modern industries and companies in anticipation of putting up their own. 

Speaking in Keroche Breweries in Naivasha during the official launch of a Ksh 5B brewing plant, Ruto observed that many people spend most of their time and money in touring different industries abroad whereas Nakuru county is a home to many that have adopted modern technology. 

‘This launch is an indicator to international and local investors that Nakuru county is a place to invest. People should come and see for themselves instead of travelling abroad,’ he said.

Ruto commended Keroche for putting the county in the international limelight in terms of investment adding that the county will support all investors who venture in Nakuru.


The new Keroche Breweries plant will produce 240,000 liters of beer a day compared to 24,000 liters it used to produce.

The increase has seen the company corner 20% of beer market in Kenya with only 18 years in production.



The chief guest during the launch Cabinet Secretary for Industrialization Aden Mohammed celebrated the company for fighting on despite all the challenges and frustrations from the formerly monopolized industry.


He said that the country is committed to seeing that Kenya is a business friendly nation by improving the business environment.

‘Kenya is rated 7th globally among investor friendly markets and we are committed to see that we even become better,’ said Mohammed. 

The occasion was also graced by other leaders in government and the private sector including Speaker of County Assembly Hon. Susan Kihika, Naivasha MP Hon. John Kihagi and various other leaders from the county.


Governor Kinuthia Mbugua on a 4 Day Ethiopia Visit

NAKURU, Kenya 31st March 2015 – H.E Governor Kinuthia Mbugua begun his 4 day visit Monday to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he is on a Council of Governors delegation sponsored by the United Nations to study how well Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health has effectively managed to bring down Maternal and Infant mortality at birth.

Nakuru is one of the counties that’s grappling with maternal mortality with approximately 200 mothers dying due to pregnancy related causes which are preventable.

The delegation includes H.E Jack Ranguma Governor Kisumu, H.E Issa Timamy Governor Lamu and H.E Godana Doyo the Governor of Isiolo.

H.E Kinuthia Mbugua, H.E Jack Ranguma Governor Kisumu, H.E Issa Timamy Governor Lamu

As members of the Council of Governors Health Committee the Governors visited Ethiopias’ Ministry of Health headquarters where they held long discussions with the Minister for Health H.E Dr.Kestebirhan Admasu.

The Minister gave various presentations that gave insights on the Ethiopia Health Policy, Governance and Health systems.

Later the delegation visited Ethiopia’s National Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in Addis Ababa, where they held lengthy discussions with the Director for Finance Mr. Ato Fisseha.

The Governors were taken through presentations on the Finance structure of their 3 levels of Government (Federal, Region and District) and how funds are distributed from the Federal government.


They were able to learn that their structure of revenue allocation is quite similar to those of Kenyan Counties and the parameters of sharing the revenue to their regions is in line with the Kenyan model.

Today they begin a 2 day long field trip to Mekele in Tigray Regional State to study their Implementation of Maternal Health Strategy in a devolved system where they shall also pay a courtesy call to the regions Governor H.E Ato Hagos Godefay.

Governor Mbugua is accompanied by the CeC Health Dr Kabii Mungai and his Chief of Staff Raymond Komen.

IDP’s Kuresoi North to Receive Farming Inputs from the County

NAKURU, Kenya 27th March 2015 – Former Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) residing in Shalom in Kuresoi North will benefit from free seeds and tree seedlings from the County Government, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has said.

Speaking during his weekly ward visit to to the area, the Governor said that the county understands the challenges they are experiencing and it will continue to support them.

“This area has a lot of potential and we will give you tree seedlings to help you improve your environment,” he said.

Mbugua also called on parents in the area to make use of the free education for their children saying that it is only through education that they will be able to better their lives.

The Governor urged Kuresoi residents to take advantage of the favorable weather to farm especially potatoes and pyrethrum.

He said his government will make sure that the new potato laws are implemented to help farmers reap benefit from their produce.

While commissioning Nyakinyua health center, the governor assured all residents of drugs in the newly established centers across the county.

He called on the residents to continue with peace initiatives in the area.

During the ward visit, where he was accompanied by the deputy Governor Joseph Ruto, county executives and the area MCA the governor commissioned ECD classrooms in Shalom School, Upendo Primary School, Moto Primary, the new Upendo Road, Nyakinya Health Centre, and the Sirikwa cattle dip and a borehole at Moto.


Uprogressive Leaders Soiling the Name of Nakuru; Governor Mbugua

NAKURU, Kenya 27th March 2015 – Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has strongly denied that there is widespread disharmony in Nakuru County.

Speaking during the Nakuru County prayer meeting Friday organized by the Nakuru Church Elders Council, Governor Mbugua said that apart from some few negative political utterances by certain individuals, Nakuru County has nothing wrong as perceived by many.

“Leaders in this county should think first before uttering anything about our county because this is what spoils our name. our county is at peace,” said Mbugua.

Bahati MP Hon. kimani Ngunjiri speaking to H.E. Governor Kinuthia Mbugua

He called on leaders at all levels to change their tone and start engaging in progressive leadership that paints the true picture of Nakuru County.

“The influx of visitors in nakuru is evidence enough that we are doing well. Who wants to visit a burning county?” posed the governor.

He added that he is fully satisfied with the much County Government of Nakuru has been able to do under the current circumstances and resources.

“My conscience is clear that we have done the best. Nakuru County has achieved 100% in various sectors and its also evident through the peace, tranquility and security we are currently experiencing,” he said.


He challenged leaders who criticize the county government that Nakuru county has very few equals and it is not a must for the county to be hitting the headlines to prove that work is being done.

“Our county is incomparable. Who is this saying that we are not seeing much of Nakuru? What do u want the county to do?” he posed.

The prayer meeting was organized by the church clergy within the county to bring together all elected leaders to engage in prayers, interactions, reflection and soul searching.

The Governor commended the church for the bold step of uniting county leaders adding that the county government will support such forums which he recommended to be carried out more often.

He however said that leaders should not use such forums as political parameters but to have the same stand of unity.

Some of the present leaders were Nakuru women representative Mary Mbugua, nominated senators Liza Chelule, Martha Wangari and John Njoroge, MPs Samuel Arama and Kimani Ngunjri, MCAs and several members of the county executive.


Resolve ECD Teachers Employment Issues; Governor Mbugua Urges TSC

NAKURU, Kenya 26th March 2015 – H.E the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has called on the Teachers Service Commission to resolve the issue surrounding the hiring of ECD teachers.

Speaking in his office during a courtesy call by the TSC chairperson Dr. Lydia Nzomo, Governor Mbugua said that County Governments are ready to be guided on the required qualifications for hiring the teachers saying that the standoff has affected the learning of children.

“This is the most important level of education of our children and therefore these issues should be resolved urgently,” he noted.

With a population rate of over 500,000 students and pupils in Nakuru County, the governor attributed the average transition rate of students from primary level to high schools to teachers’ efforts but however noted that teacher’s shortage is still a problem.

“We understand that there is no time that we will have 100% number of teachers in our schools but we still have to cross the bridge therefore we shall work towards raising our education standards at all costs,” Mbugua said.

He said the County Government is currently implementing the recommendations of a report that was passed by a task force which was formed to look into the education issues in the county.

On his part the Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto called on the commission to end wrangles with the Kenya national teachers union(KNUT) which he said were demoralizing.

“This issue of TSC and KNUT has been politicized to an extent where Kenyans are tired. The commission should end this once and for all,” said Ruto. Dr. Nzomo was in Nakuru to interact and follow up on matters education.

She admitted that there is a shortage of teachers in the country but also encouraged schools to utilize the available teachers in an economical manner.

Nzomo urged the county governments to work closely with the TSC county offices which were opened with an aim of bringing services closer to teachers and to facilitate them to solve their issues at county level.

She also pointed out that the commission will take stern actions towards teachers found guilty of rape or molestation cases including gazetting their names so that they are be employed in any school.

“Other people can make mistakes but not teachers. They are people who are responsible and supposed to model children to be better people in the society,” she said.

The chairperson also called on the county education boards to regulate opening of new schools in their counties so as to avoid the mushrooming of many schools which lack teachers and learning facilities.

She noted that expansion of schools is cheaper and more economical than opening of new schools everywhere.


Plans for Nakuru Waste/Energy Management Plant Gathers Steam

NAKURU, Kenya 26th March 2015 – Plans for the installation of a modern solid waste management plant in Nakuru moved a notch higher as the county kicked off the implementation process.

The company, NORCART – an environment conscious energy company that uses multiple sources to produce high quality electricity for use and storage –, from Finland have arrived in the County to assess the needs and requirement for the plant’s installation.


The team presented their proposal to Governor Kinuthia Mbugua, the Nakuru County Assembly committee on environment and the county executive officers with the aim of familiarizing the county on the project and the expectations.

According to the company’s sales director Cornelius Kiplangat, noted that the county has enough waste to guarantee the investment of the waste plant.

“We are impressed with what we have seen and now we can move to the next step which is to formalize the process. This is a good decision for Nakuru County on issues of environment and it will be a model county in conservation and opportunities” said Kiplangat.

Nakuru County produces about 3000 tonnes of waste annually. That waste could produce up to 2-3 megawatts of power that can be fed into the national grid.

Governor Mbugua on his part said the Finish team has visited parts of the county to access the waste available and their capacity to produce energy and bio-diesel.


“We are happy to inform our people that this project will end the issue of waste which has been a major challenge in our county. We shall fully support our investors on this regard,” he said.

Earlier in the month the Governor had visited the NORCART Company in Finland where he attended a familiarization tour of the company’s main facility and its operations which the County’s system will be modeled around.


200 Receive Free Mobility Aid Devices for the Physically Challenged

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said that the amount will be increased every financial year to allow people with disabilities to start sustainable income generating activities.

“This will not only make life easier for them but also promote independence, something that will help boost the economy,” said the Governor.

He added that the County Government would ensure that they get an equal opportunity in the allocation of jobs and other opportunities.

“More than one billion people in the world suffer from disabilities and it’s our responsibility to ensure that we support them as part of our larger community,” he added.



Governor Mbugua was speaking at Shree Jalaram Aradhana Dham Temple in Nakuru where he officiated the donation of 55 wheelchairs and 120 pairs of crutches to the physically challenged beneficiaries from various parts of the County.

The items worth Sh 1.2 million were donated by Shree Jalaram, one of the oldest temples in the region and Nakuru Industries in partnership with the County Government of Nakuru.


In his speech, Governor Mbugua assured that the County Government will continue to prioritize and ensure that it promote’s their rights to work, in an environment that is conducive, inclusive and accessible through:–

• Prohibition of discrimination;
• Protection of just and favorable working conditions;
• Availability of vocational training;
• Promotion of employment opportunities and continued advancement;
• Promotion of self-employment;
• Provision of employment in the public sector;
• Promotion of employment in the private sector, incentives and other measures;
• Promotion of work experience in open employment; and
• Promotion of rehabilitation.

Earlier this month the Governor also received a donation of mobility devices from Tegemeo Disability Group which he said will go a long way to facilitate persons who are physically challenged in running their daily affairs.


He promised that he will that the County Government will always work and give total support to all the partners in such initiatives in working towards alleviating the lives of all.


Governor Mbugua Spells Out Water Shortage Solutions

NAKURU, Kenya 23rd March 2015 – County Government of Nakuru has set aside 196.4M shillings for water projects in order to increase the water coverage in the water scarce county, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has said.

In his speech which was read by the Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto during the World Water Day celebrations at Ndugiri Secondary School in Subukia Sub-County, Mbugua said the move to find long and short term water shortage solutions will also go a long way in contributing towards sustainable development in the county.


‘Nakuru is a water scarce county at the moment with very few rivers flowing and we therefore have to invest heavily by drilling boreholes, construct dams and also share water resources from other counties,’ he said.

The governor pointed out that water coverage in Nakuru has increased to 58% up from 42% through drilling of boreholes , increased pipe reticulation and rehabilitation of existing water projects.

He said that in the last one year, the county has been able to drill 14 boreholes, de-silted and constructed 28 water pans with a storage capacity of 370,000 cubic meters.

‘My government has also been able to construct 6 elevated water towers each with 20 cubic meters storage tanks and to extend pipe networks in 17 projects across the county,’ he noted.

Mbugua added that the county will also spend 14M shillings to construct several water projects in Subukia to cover areas of Ndungiri, Rumathi, Upper Kirengero, Muungano, Tetu, Kianyoro and edgewood.

He however observe that some areas in the county especially areas of Molo, Njoro, Kuresoi North, Rongai, Naivasha and Kiamunyi have been adversely affected by water shortage which has forced the county to seek other short term measures.

He said major long term solutions are in the works including the construction of Chemususu Dam in partnership with Rift Valley Water Services Board which oversees the development and management of water resources in 8 counties including Nakuru and Baringo.

“Plans are at an advanced stage for the construction of Chemususu Dam to cover the 1st phase. This will go a long way in addressing the emerging water shortages that we are currently facing,” he said.

He also confirmed that another project is at an advanced stage that will see the construction of Itare Dam in Ndoinet Kuresoi North.

“This will be the construction of the largest dam in Kenya that will be piped to Molo, Njoro, Rongai and Nakuru Town.

However, Governor Mbugua has urged Nakuru residents to also play their part in conserving water in this very difficult times.

He added that various short term measures have been effected including rationing where necessary, Water distribution by tankers where the County has committed 16,000 liter tankers to deliver water to critical areas and facilities like hospitals.

He also urged farmers to invest in rainwater harvesting structures such as water pans which will help store water when the rain season starts thus averting water shortage.

On his part the Deputy Governor Ruto called on the County Assembly to pass laws regarding the conservation of rivers saying that people have encroached and cultivated around the rivers posing a danger to catchment areas.

He called on residents living along rivers to plant more trees.

The World Water Day was also graced by the County Executive of Environment, Water And Natural Resources Richard Rop, CEC Lands Rachael Maina, CEC Agriculture Dr. Stanley Chepkwony among other county leaders and representatives.


Gov Mbugua Joins Kabarak HIgh for Thanks Giving Celebrations

H.E the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has commended 2014 Kabarak high school candidates for putting Nakuru County on the national limelight through their outstanding performance in last year’s KCSE.

Speaking in Kabarak High School today during the 11th thanks giving ceremony, Governor Mbugua said the County is proud to be associated with the Kabarak community.

He applauded former President H.E Daniel Moi for his vision of founding the school adding that this has transformed the lives of many.


“it is through Moi’s vision of founding this school and many others across the country that many people have realized their dreams,” he said.
The governor attributed the high transition rate of students from primary to high school to availability of more schools saying that student’s population in Nakuru has tremendously increased. On his part the former president called on the national government through the Ministry of Education to re-introduce school ranking system.

He however urged County Governments to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in persuing their education.
Kabarak High School were top performers in last year’s KCSE with a mean score of 11.358. The Governor was accompanied by his Deputy Joseph Ruto, the Deputy County Secretary Geoffrey Kioko, Chief Officer Education Joseph Tonui and the Director of Education Esther Muritu among other leaders and officials from the County.

Nakuru Celebrates World Oral Health Day

NAKURU, Kenya 20th March 2015 – H.E the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua at Milimani Primary School in Naivasha, marking the World Oral Health Day.

He was joined by county executives, MCA’s, the dental fraternity and other stakeholders. The day celebrates the benefits of a healthy mouth and to promote worldwide awareness of the issues around oral health and importance of looking after oral hygiene to everyone old and young.

Governor Mbugua noted that oral health is an integral part of the health service delivery by the County Government where prevention, promotion, curative and rehabilitation have to be done. To achieve these goals, he added that there should be adequate human resources for oral health so that there would be an increase in community participation and oral health outreach programmes.

He advised that this would help to bring down prevalence of oral diseases. There needs to be an integration of oral health into existing general health programs like nutrition.

The event brought together four other schools with a target to reach more than 3,000 people through dental camps and free check ups. The theme was “Smile for Life”.