Governor Kinuthia Mbugua’s New Year Message

NAKURU, KENYA 31ST DECEMBER 2014 – It is the end yet another eventful and in some ways challenging year; a year that signifies another critical milestone along our development as Nakuru County.

More importantly, however we look at it, it’s my belief that we are ending 2014 better off, and definitely far better off than we were 2 years ago.

As a County we have made significant progress in various sectors including improving health care, rural development, security, agriculture, infrastructure and the general expansion of access to basic services.

With all this, we all know that various challenges remain, but with each passing year, we are committed to seeing our county moves forward, towards a better life for all.

2014 was a year of great achievements, our accomplishments as individuals, as diverse communities, as a county are many.

That’s why we have managed to live peacefully embracing values of fairness, democracy, and diversity in a county that is prosperous and blessed with a rich natural environment.

Therefore, each of us has something unique and important to offer, and the New Year presents an opportune time to commit to giving back to Nakuru County.

As we forge ahead, we will undoubtedly face numerous obstacles and challenges. The very fabric of our existence will be put to the test; but I believe in the ability of the Nakuru people, and I believe we will emerge from these experiences, a stronger and better people.

Some of the key focus areas among others that the County Government of Nakuru has earmarked to enhance in the coming year for the development of our county include;

· Establishment of a partnership with Geothermal Development Company (GDC) to ensure that the energy generated benefits the residents of Nakuru County. This will go a long way in reducing the cost of energy and the regular blackouts that would otherwise be experienced.
· Instituting a proper management of existing dumpsites as well as planning to buy new dump sites by engaging private partners and exploring ways of converting waste to wealth.
· Ongoing funding for establishment and construction of the ECDs Centers and Polytechnics for our Youths.
· Continued efforts to fully deal with the Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease in Nakuru County

· Initiating Public Private Partnerships with banking institutions to provide credit packages specifically targeting agricultural sector.

· Enhance road maintenance across the entire county including the full implementation of the “Mulika Mwizi” street lighting program as we develop the 24 hour economy.
· Launching the County Strategic Plan in early 2015.

· The implementation of the county spatial plan

· Implementation of the digital topographical mapping and preparation of strategic integrated urban development plans for Naivasha and Nakuru ongoing.
For our development 2015 has to be the year that we put aside our differences and embrace the common good.

We have built strong partnerships in various sectors and laid a firm foundation to improve infrastructure development.

We have many individuals, organizations and companies that are working tirelessly and are seriously committed to the building of this county, but we need each person, to become a part of Team Nakuru: the Team which vows to achieve the vision of making our County a safe place in which to live, conduct business.

With our good fortune comes great responsibility: to help and care for one another; to preserve the values that define us; to be innovative and progressive; to act as good stewards of our precious county. Let us make a concerted effort to recognize and highlight what is good and great about our county in 2015, and play our part, to make Nakuru County succeed.

I take this moment to commend all our civil servants for the work that they have done in this past year in managing the affairs of our County and would ask that you continue to commit yourselves to furthering the development of these beautiful county in the coming year.

The County Government of Nakuru will embark on all programmes for 2015 resolutely, that will lead to consolidation, transformation and form the basis for sustainable development of our county.

Me, my family and the Staff of the County Government of Nakuru wish a happy and prosperous New Year for all the people of Nakuru County and the people of the Kenya as a whole.

I thank you, and God Bless.

Christmas message from the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua

23rd December 2014 – This holiday season is a season unlike any other. It’s a time for reflection and gratitude and it offers us all the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends.

As a County we have had our struggles and our challenges over the past year. We have endured them as one people, united in purpose and lifted by a shared optimism for a better tomorrow.

My Government has worked actively to promote the interests of Nakuru County and has been involved in many initiatives. We have endeavored to open up the Government to the public to a greater extent than has been done in the recent past.

As we embark on celebrating this holidays, I ask that we affirm our pledge to remain faithful to our values and moral obligations as enshrined in our Constitution. We must continue to strive to work together to make Nakuru a better place to live. Let us strengthen our relationships with God, the relationship among our leaders, and the relationship of leaders and constituents.

On that note, I would like to extend my personal gratitude to all our leaders throughout Nakuru for their continued effort in the development of this great County.

I also commend all our civil servants for the work that they have done in managing the affairs of our County and would ask that you continue to commit yourselves to furthering the development of these great County.

The holiday season is also a time of renewal of compassion of charity and of hope. It is an occasion to spend time with our families to share cheer with our friends and for all to enjoy the spirit of goodwill that marks the season.

So to all who will be celebrating this season, it’s our sincere hope that this special days are filled with many blessings most importantly with love, for its love that will see us through this challenging times and its love that will keep us unified as a County.

But whilst most of us will enjoy a family Christmas let us spare a thought for those who may be on their own or in need at this time of year, and, of course, for those who will be working or on duty.

Across the County we see the beautiful symbols marking this happy season. I encourage everyone to enjoy the many events that make Nakuru County such a special place during the holidays.

2014 is nearly over and next year is almost upon us. Busy as we have been during this last 12 months, I know that we have only scratched the surface as we make Nakuru a great County and there is so much more to see, do and achieve.

Let’s enter 2015 with abundant warmth of positive spirit and let us enter the New Year with love in our hearts that we will know tomorrow will be a better day for our children our families and our county.

From my family to yours may God bless you, your families and Nakuru County.

New Wakulima Complex Market Officially Opened for Business

NAKURU, Kenya 19th December 2014 – Governor Kinuthia Mbugua today officially commissioned the Wakulima Market.

The market completed at a cost of 102 million shillings is set to serve more than 3,000 traders who will be selling fresh foods and dry cereals among other products.

Speaking at the function, Governor Mbugua said the County Government will no longer allow its residents to continue buying foodstuff from the floor of the streets.

Adding that we have been staring at a Public Health disaster and asked all residents to return to utilize the markets as required.

Renovations done at the market will enable the absorption of a huge number traders.

In order to accommodate more traders and improve on the market conditions the county government is constructing more markets and rehabilitating the Old Wakulima, Naivasha, Njoro, Molo and Kabazi Markets.

At Old Wakulima Market, the drainage system is being reworked and the road is being tarmacked, this is aimed at enhancing markets outside the Central Business District to decongest the main streets and attract more investors.

Top Market which is the oldest Market in Nakuru will be rehabilitated and upgraded and this will lead to improved business returns to the traders and hence higher profits.

Governor Mbuguag urge all traders who will be allocated space in the new Wakulima Market complex to utilize it prudently by embracing accepted and ethical business practices, upholding the rule of law and respecting each other.








Hawkers in Nakuru CBD Given 31st Dec Deadline

NAKURU, Kenya 13th December 2014 – Hawkers have until the 31st of December 2014 to vacate the precincts of Nakuru CBD. This follows the directive given by H.E the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua during the Jamhuri Day celebrations held yesterday at the Afraha Stadium.

The ordered was directed to all street vendors, hawkers and any person selling wares along the streets of the CBD to vacate.

Governor Mbugua has emphasized that those that shall return shall face the full force of the law and should therefore comply with the order adding that the ban is also aimed at restoring sanity and maintaining order in the CBD.

Alternative locations are ready for occupation and those who do not comply with the order will not be licensed next year unless they are operating from the alternative designated premises.

In view of providing locations for the hawkers to operate from, the County Government has confirmed that among other designated locations, Wakulima Market is ready after its completion where more than 2000 traders will be hosted. Another market is ready and is located in the Keratina area of Free-Area estate East of the town.

The relocation is part of Nakuru County integration plan and the heavy presence of hawkers in the main streets of Nakuru CBD is detrimental to its development and that their relocation would improve the County’s face for economic growth.