Governor Mbugua Launches Biometric Data Registration Exercise


Launch of the capacity assessment and rationalization of the public service (carps) programme in counties: biometric data capture and institutional and organizational review exercises on

It is my great pleasure to be here this afternoon to preside over this very important exercise, the launch of the Capacity Assessment and Rationalization of the Public Service (CARPS) Programme in the County. The launch of this programme is in line with various reforms the government is undertaking in the Public Service aimed at ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery as outlined in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and Vision 2030.

As Nakuru County we acknowledge the immense benefits of the CARPS programme steered by this joint initiative commissioned by the National and the County Governments Coordinating Summit.

We support the objectives of the Programme that will see this exercise facilitate the transformation of public service for efficient service delivery to the public.


It is also very clear to us that this process will ensure that Government functions are properly structured and staffed to facilitate efficient and effective service delivery at both levels of Government.

Today, we are here to launch the CARPS programme and specifically the biometric data capture for all staff at both levels of governments in this County. It is emphasized that this exercise is mandatory and every employee has a personal responsibility to ensure that their data is captured in the system within the stipulated period.

The specific objectives of the Programme are to:

· Provide for well-organized structures, at the national and county government levels that are based on given mandates and functions.

· Establish the existing human resource capacity at the national and county levels and make recommendations on the optimal staffing levels based on the realigned structures.

· Determine skills and competencies needed to realize an efficient and effective Public Service.

· Achieve rational and equitable deployment of skilled and professional staff at both levels of Government.

The program is guided by a clear institutional framework which provides for the establishment of County Rationalization Steering Committee (CRSC) and County Rationalization Technical Team (CRTT) and outlines the functions of the Committees.

The program is also guided by key principles in its implementation and driven by the need for reforms in the public sector to ensure transparency, accountability, efficiency, speed and sustainable development nationally and at county level are achieved.

I would also like to reassure all civil servants that the ongoing process is not aimed at victimizing anyone but instead it’s to help the County and national governments understand the nature of their human resource and its capabilities.


It should also be noted that the Institutional and Organizational Review; and workload analysis to align the structures and staffing to the mandates of the County will run concurrently with the biometric data capture.

As part of the institutional framework of the CARPS programme, the County Rationalization Steering Committee (CRSC) and County Rationalization Technical Team (CRTT) are expected to play a key role in both exercises.

In carrying out this important assignment, the CRSC and CRTT should ensure that it involves all stakeholders and adhere to the principles of the CARPS programme.

Finally, let me emphasize once again the fact that, this programme is meant to enhance service delivery in the Public Service for the benefit of Kenyans. I therefore urge all the stakeholders to support the programme, as it is meant to realize a highly responsive, professional and productive Public Service.

With those remarks I wish to declare the CARPS programme officially launched.

Govenor Mbugua; “Return Referendum Signature Book to Sender”

NAKURU, Kenya 18th September 2014 – Governor Kinuthia Mbugua today received a referendum signature booklet from residents and leaders of Neswit and Mauche wards in Njoro Sub-County, who declined to sign it saying they support the current Government and the County Governments leadership.

Speaking at the County headquarters today, they said that those collecting the signatures had been duped with hefty promises of land and Tuk Tuks among other things after they collect the signatures from the area.

Governor Mbugua banned all referendum campaigns in the county with immediate effect and warned those spearheading the plebiscite calls to keep off.

He has challenged those supporting the vote to seek other alternatives of resolving the current impasse.

Governor Mbugua was accompanied by Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto who said no one was welcomed in the county with calls for the vote. He added that most of the issues raised by the referendum do not even require a plebiscite.


Adding that the County has many other issues to deal with and that they will not allow outsiders to disrupt the peace on the County.

Governor Mbugua said the booklets will be sent back to sender giving all indications that the exercise was not welcomed in the County.

Other leaders who were present included Nakuru County TNA chairman, Simon Githaiga, Nakuru County Deputy Speaker Hon. Samuel Tonui amongst other Members of the County Assembly who supported the Governors stand on the matter.

Governor Mbugua to Run 2KM at Sunday’s GDC Half Marathon

NAKURU, Kenya 16th September 2014 – Governor Kinuthia Mbugua welcome’s you to join him at this Sundays (21st September 2014) Menengai Geothermal Half Marathon in Nakuru.

He will officiate and take part in the race organized by GDC,  a great partner and friend of the County.

Governor Mbugua will take part in the 2 kilometer category together with other leaders from the County.

“As a County Government, sports is an integral part of our social and economic development. In fact, we are putting in place all the requisite measures that will position Nakuru as a premier location to host sporting events. We want the county to lead in all sporting activities. The County has taken a lead for this event to be a success by sponsoring youth from all wards to participate as a means of tapping raw talent.”

In total the County will be sponsoring 550 youth from all the 55 wards for the 21km half marathon to propel them to bigger races.

The best 20 after this marathon will represent the County at this year’s Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon.

The County Government will also enhance the prize money awarded to the winning athletes by adding to what the GDC was to give to make it double to 300,000 Ksh for the men’s and women’s winners each. The Government will also enlarge the prize range to make sure all those who fall between position one and twenty in both men and women.

Click images below for more details;

Marathon Flier 2014 final-12

Marathon Flier 2014 final-2B

No Referendum Signing In Nakuru County – Governor Mbugua

NAKURU, Kenya 11th September 2014 – Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has urged the Nakuru County residents to ignore the calls to show up and append their signatures to petition for a referendum.

He said the move is to frustrate the gains attained by the national government which will only scuttle the main agenda of developing the nation.

Governor Mbugua was speaking during an intensive development tour in Mbaruk Ward, Gilgil Sub-County.

“From the onset we had agreed as Governors that we were only pushing for real issues but as it is, the entire process was hijacked and politicized. All they are doing now is misleading the public over the referendum which will destabilize the country. So please if they show up here tell them we are not for their agenda and they rather leave us all in peace.”

Speaking at the Echariria Primary School, Mbugua said that he and other Governors will continue to engage the central government in talks for the increase of county funds but will not push for referendum, adding that Jubilee Governors are focused in developing the counties.

The weekly county tour saw the Governor inspect ongoing projects including a new dispensary and two ECDE classrooms in Kiungururia Primary School. Later he commissioned the Ngorika Ndogo to Pema and Kasambala to Thungunui highway access road which have been graded and graveled. He wound up his tour by commissioning two new ECDE classrooms at Echariria Primary School.

The tour served as an assessment exercise by the County Government of the ward where Governor Mbugua presided over a ground breaking ceremony to pave way for a new Administration Police post and and assistant chief office in Kasambala, to aid in the security measures in the area.

Governor Mbugua was accompanied by the Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto, Mbaruk MCA Hon. Jane “Mama Zawaai” Simita, CeC OF Health Dr. Daniel Mungai, PS of Health Dr. Samuel Mwaura, PS of Roads and Physical Planning Eng. Samuel Mwaura, PS of Education Joseph Tonui, Deputy County Secretary Geoffrey Kioko, Director of Trade Mandeep Singh among other leaders from the county.

Governor Mbugua Unveils 2014 Cycling With The Rhino Race

NAKURU, Kenya 9th September 2014 – Governor Mbugua unveiled this years “Cycling with the Rhino” race, set to be held on the 27th of September at the Lake Nakuru National Park.

The adventurous cycling competition is held annually to raise funds for the rehabilitation of a 74-square Kilometer electric fence and undertake community conservation education around the park which is a successful Rhino breeding sanctuary.

Governor Mbugua urged the public to take conservation matters and agenda seriously as there is more than just conserving it for tourists.

“We should stop saying that we are conserving our wildlife or environment for tourists. Let’s conserve it also for ourselves. We need to take it further and cultivate in our minds that this animals and the environment are ours and also part of our heritage.”

He added the County is on the course of playing its role in the conservation of our wildlife and environment.

“We as a Government through the assembly are working round the clock to formulate bills that will go a long way in conserving this heritage of ours and we do have adequate plans to put some provisions for this causes in our annual budgets from the able two ministries of tourism and environment.”

Corporate sponsors and partners donated monetary sponsorships for the annual event. The County Government of Nakuru donated 500,000 Ksh.

Stakeholders, sponsors, the community living around the park come together to cycle through the dusty hills and valleys, crisscrossing the heart of Nakuru town and its environs before culminating in a lifetime experience of a tour and adventure of the Lash Lake Nakuru National Park.

So far 22 of the 74 km of the fence has been rehabilitated including funding the KWS social responsibility activities.

Governor Mbugua was accompanied by the Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto, County Secretary Joseph Motari, among several CeC’s from the County Government.

Nakuru County To Sponsor 550 Youth For 2014 GDC Marathon

NAKURU, Kenya 9th September 2014 – County Government of Nakuru has taken a giant step in nurturing talented athletes by sponsoring them in the upcoming Geothermal Menengai Half Marathon set for the 21st of September 2014 in Nakuru.

The County Government will sponsor 550 youths by selecting 10 from each of the 55 wards to take part in the annual race that enters its third edition this year.

Speaking to the press this morning to announce the partnership, Governor Mbugua noted that his government was committed in giving untapped talent from the County, a chance to showcase their prowess.

“As a County Government, sports is an integral part of our social and economic development. In fact, we are putting in place all the requisite measures that will position Nakuru as a premier location to host sporting events. The County has taken a lead for this event to be a success by sponsoring the youth to participate as a means of tapping raw talent. We intend to sponsor over 550 people for the 21km half marathon to propel them to bigger races.”

The directorate of sports will work hand in hand with various Members of County Assemblies from all wards in picking the 10 athletes who will be catered for during the event.

He also added that the County intends to create a road map towards uplifting the standards of sport-persons, in terms of self and personal development for the life beyond athletics.

“We plan for the talented athletes not only to prosper in running but also get good education skills, learn about business and managing their winnings, through forming partnership with learning and financial institutions.”

The partnership will see the county Government enhance the prize money to 300,000 Ksh from the earlier 150,000 Ksh and increase the prize range to make sure all who finish in the top 10 positions in the various categories receive prizes. The County will also facilitate the registration of the athletes and form a County Executive and Assembly teams that will take part in the team races.

The apt theme of the marathon this year is ‘Run for Health’ with the proceeds going towards supporting the improvement of health facilities in Nakuru county.


Nakuru County CeC of Health Sworn In

NAKURU, Kenya 9th September 2014 – The Nakuru County Executive Committee for Health was sworn in Tuesday morning by Nakuru’s Hon. Judicaster N. Nthuku – Senior Resident Magistrate at the Governor’s office.

Dr. Daniel Mungai Kabii who was a registrar at the Orthopedic Surgery department at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, was nominated by Governor Kinuthia Mbugua and vetted by the County Assembly committee of appointments and the full house.

The Health docket had been vacant but held in acting capacity by the Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto.

The swearing- in ceremony that took place at the Office of the Governor was witnessed by the leader and deputy of the Majority and other members of the county assembly.


The function was also witnessed by the Deputy Governor and some CeC Members from various departments.

Speaking after the swearing in, the Governor noted his satisfaction with the process of selecting DR. Mbugua for the role.

“I am happy that the county assembly vetted and approved the nominee, I give you the assurance that my government would give you the necessary support to deliver effective and efficient service to the people of Nakuru.”

Governor Mbugua has asked him to devote his time and abilities to fully run the department and streamline its operations as one of the key pillars of the County executive.

He added that the appointment is a step towards cementing the objective and vision of the county and that he was confident Dr. Mungai is a professional and can be trusted to meet expectations of the public.

Governor Mbugua Consoles Elburgon Fire Victims

NAKURU, Kenya 7th September 2014 – H. E. Governor Kinuthia Mbugua donated household items to 15 families whose homes were destroyed by fire that killed one person today morning at Matuiku Estate in Elburgon.

The deceased is a man and police are investigating the cause of the inferno.

Governor Mbugua visited the scene of the fire and donated blankets, mattresses, cooking oil, rice and cash.

He was accompanied by CEC in charge of Roads, Transport and Public Works Engineer Maina Kairo, County Secretary Joseph Motari, Molo MP Hon. Jacob Macharia, Elburgon MCA Florence Wambui and Kenya Red Cross who also donated lantern lamps, dignity kits, tarpaulins, water jerricans, foodstuff, clothes, and mattresses to assist the affected families.

Governor Mbugua said his Government is committed to improving livelihoods of Nakuru County residents through upgraded rural infrastructure in a bid to empower them to build the fledgling rural economy.

Meanwhile Governor Mbugua reiterated that he has broken ranks with his colleagues in the Council of Governors advocating a referendum exercise for additional funding for County Governments.

The Governor further advised his counterparts to exercise patience in their quest for additional funding saying the country`s economy cannot grant them their wish of additional funding from the current 43 to 45 percent.

He punched holes in the ‘’Pesa Mashinani’’ drive saying that while on its face value it is a viable and noble bid, it is unfortunate that it has been high jacked by self-centered interests that are inclined to hinder Kenyans from chatting their destiny.

He said it was regrettable that selfish interests were championing the urgency of the plebiscite adding that Kenyans should be keen to interrogate the advocates of the costly affair before appending their signatures in demand for the exercise.

Governor Mbugua at Nakuru’s 1st Kids Festival

NAKURU, Kenya 7th 2014 – H. E. Governor Kinuthia Mbugua attended the 1st Kids Festival in Nakuru at the ASK showground hosted by Churchill.

More than 30,000 people were in attendance in what was a great day for children who were entertained by an array of artists and comedians.

He was accompanied by County Assembly Speaker Hon. Susan Kihika and Bahati MP Hon. Kimani Ngunjiri among others.


Governor Mbugua affirmed of his own personal initiative where is set to fully support the creation of a sustainable theater platform in Nakuru County, and the rehabilitation of the Nakuru Players Theater where the youth will nurture, emporer and sharpen their artistic talents.



He also said that the initiatives led by the seasoned comedian Churchill through his company, will go a long way in enriching the Nakuru youth who have for a long time not had a bigger stage to showcase their talents.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua Congratulates Former President Moi on his 90th birthday

moi 3
NAKURU, Kenya 2nd September 2014 – Governor Kinuthia Mbugua congratulated former President, H.E. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi on the occasion of his 90th birthday, saying that his continued leadership even after his presidency will be measured for years to come.

“Today marks your 90th birthday and the good he has done in his lifetime is beyond measure that even his post presidency has been marked with your continued gracious willingness to serve.

Governor Mbugua attended the celebrations which was held at the Kabarak University accompanied by deputy Governor Joseph Ruto and other members and leaders from Nakuru County Government.

Former President Moi at the ceremony which was attended by family, friends and dignitaries, officially unveiled a commemorative pillar in honor of the university and the legacy he created.

Mzee Moi urged all Kenyan’s to shun divisive politics as it would ruin the many positives the country is enjoying so far. He also dismissed the Okoa Kenya agenda that is seeking a referendum.

“I support the government and the constitution and urge you all not to let disagreement bring division among you. We need to embrace peace and unite together.”

In his message, Governor Mbugua noted Moi’s role as the country’s second president especially as we continue to celebrate the nation’s 50 year Jubilee saying that he deserved the recognition for the contributions and sacrifices he made.

“This is a very special day not only for you, but millions of Kenyan’s especially as we also continue to celebrate our golden jubilee of independence, commemorating 50 years of independence for continued peace, love, unity, democracy and prosperity which you were a part of”.

Governor Mbugua urged all Kenyan’s to recognize and reflect on the positives Moi delivered for this great nation.

“I take this opportunity to ask each and every Kenyan to reflect on the sacrifices he made to make this great nation what it is today.”

He applauded Moi’s leadership of the country during his tenure.

“Your zeal and commitment to the building of this nation is still a phenomenon, as you and other leaders embarked on the massive infrastructure development in various sectors including education, agriculture, and health sectors, ensuring that we all as Kenyans have something of our own.”

In closing he urged all Kenyan’s to join him in wishing Moi a very happy birthday and may the almighty God give him continued good health and abundant blessings and serenity.